Pin Badges
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Pin Badges

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  • 30mm Length x 20mm Height
  • Customisable Colouring (Up To 4 Colours Only)
  • Multiple Methods Of Manufacturing Process Available
  • Variable Backside Attachments
  • One-Sided 2D Logo Imprint Only

  • *All Pricing Listed Below Serves As A Rough Reference Only!

    *The Final Pricing Will Be Derived After The Confirmed Artwork!

    *All Badges Should Not Be Ironed In Order To Prevent Blemish!

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    Lapel pin, in what is otherwise casually pronounced as a pin badge in Malaysia, or in some regard as an enamel pin, is an accessory that is designed to be attached onto a garment for aesthetic purposes. The worn emblem may also function to represent an institution or a cause to promote branding awareness across the public space. Pin badges that are specifically secured as a neckwear is further synonymously known as collar pins.

    So goes the everyday pronunciation being used, and in that versatile attribute allows UDesignConcept, a supplier of wearable insignia, to promote custom-made crests for Business-to-Business needs. In views that were supported by many of the MY-based collar pin & badge manufacturers, the developmental focus was shifted into full-thrust in accordance to each design given.

    This was the change in the business model that came under the direct revolution of the internet, which drew the popularity of custom pin badge use. Once the structure of mass production— under fixated shapes of lapel pins that were sold to retailers is now turned online where payments that are then finalised, and sketching blueprint offered to be printed into custom badges for marketable reasons. And that's key, the leeway by online search of finding pin badge maker gave instantaneous leverage of physical marketing specific towards a time. And institutions looking towards B2B supplies are likely preparing for campaigning reasons, with themes that were made towards a propaganda that was pushed. Some other cause is the result of attire that is compulsory to be worn across the corporate professional, making pin badges a corporate gift inherently pegged in respect of a company's culture.

    Yet behind the guise of every movement, beneath the actions that propel an organisation is often in the agenda of humanitarian reasons. Think beyond fashion display and as a whole, is it not in the best interest for everyone if enamel pins could empower not just for aesthetic uses, but also as a brooch that enables an individual to be recognised as an affiliate based off the logo seen? Charitable cause, more specifically, cancer aid were given as donations with every pin badge purchased. This is most often the result of a markup (after covering costs) where a percentage becomes allocated from the pricing of each emblems and then given to cancer research, while occasionally would exist charity pin badges that are offering a complete hundred percent donative fund.

    One of the most notable charity campaigns come in the form of Breast Cancer Awareness, whose pink ribbons symbolises a new hope for the future, as well as the virtuous of people contributing towards the femininity foundation. Among its list of merchandises includes even custom pin badges that are being sold - using its signature identity of pink ribbon as an artwork, where raised profits are then used to supplement surgeries of the unfortunate, as well as researching newer ways to combat the said plague.

    Designing Pin Badges

    In many ways, submissions of the emblem's visual stretches to all forms of genres are seen - as a supplier of a variety of corporate gifts. Just as customisable printing is what defines UDesignConcept, personalising enamel pins can be made by framing ideas into purposeful use. Some of those samples found include designing of pin badges in quirky illustrations that produces rare and timely pin badging collectibles, to the cute anime portrait for otaku-based events, and even on the coat of arms of football interest or more.

    But as a common bunch, school badges are seen stitched amongst the uniforms of students. With a variety of badge types being used, the popularity with the education industry are crests made of cloth, as well as pin badges. The insignia is generally worn as a collar pin to define the status of a student; whether a prefect in a school or to the belonging of a faculty, each academic division features a different pin badge design.

    Simply submit a finalised DIY. The administrator may use basic shapes like round or star as a model to begin the corporate's work, which are often found across the creation of pin badges. In the beginning, the crude frame of the emblem should be blank before repurposing into a campaign of artwork, and this is to be thought thoroughly as a standardised template - for a cycle of reusing across future endeavours. The dimensions are controlled to a length of 30mm by 20mm height, making periodical planning of designing pin badges all the more wise. And especially important should phrases are implemented onto the insignia, under cues of readability in mind.

    Only the finalised pin badge design will dictate the net pricing, as this is dependent on the complexity of the illustration, backing and methods of manufacturing chosen with up to four choices of colours use. The logo, on the other hand, is created under a one-sided 2D imprint.

    Lapel Pin Development

    In its completion, all lapel pins come with a clutch, or an attachment as a fastening mechanism for secured travel. But prior to the final delivery are a series of stages to define the proper development of the pin badges:

    • Firstly, alloy metals are melted before being moulded into shape using an iron stamp.
    • This is processed with a series of machined cutting after, delivering a stringent yield that is in-line with the custom badge outline.
    • Nickel plating is coated for abrasion resistance.
    • Depending on the orders found, an enamel of selected manufacturing preference may be used for the colourised logo.
    • A solder is soon fixed for the backing that was chosen by the enterprise.
    • Uniform washing entails that eliminates or remove excessive dirt, or colours.

    Manufacturing Methods With Pin Badges

    All collar pins are manufactured within the region of Selangor, making badges all the more convenient and efficient in delivery throughout Peninsular Malaysia. In the same instance of using local producers, costs are driven lower for amicable reasons which would inherently benefit badge suppliers and consumers. Personnel may stumble upon collar pins that are murah in sales, as advertised publicly in the attraction of custom badges.

    With UDesignConcept, 11 methods of processing are available which includes sandblasting finish, colourless iron stamping, soft, glittered, or soft enamel with epoxy resin, CMYK printing, mix enamel use, silk screen printing and even transparent epoxy.
    Colour Available Customise up to 4 Colours
    * Note Price for Pin Badges for reference only, final price will base on confirmed artwork
    Product Size 30mm x 20mm
    Material Iron Stamped with Soft Enamel
    Texture One Side 2D
    plating Nickel
    Accessories Butterfly Clutch