Reflective Polyester Lanyard
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Reflective Polyester Lanyard

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  • 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
  • Water-Resistant, 900mm Length Polyester Fabric Material
  • Customisable Attachment Options:-
    - Buckle / Snap Hook / Pull Reel / Card Holder Attachments
  • One-Sided, Monochrome Silk Screen Printing Method Only
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     08 Jan 2024
     18 Sep 2015
    The border patrol. The police officer. The guard on duty. In the midst of the nocturnal is a guided task to serve humanity, staying equipped of high-visibility apparels that makes a giveaway sight. That centric theme of recognition has expanded about and in the form of neck wear, deviously assayed by lanyard manufacturers in Malaysia to help working professionals. One of its variant, the reflective polyester lanyard, has been part of the equipment that offers enhanced sightings. From safety vests to glow-in-the-dark function, and even bright of a contrast in uniform for an obvious lookout, the new spinoff for attention-grabbing gear is here; the hi-viz neck strap is to be seen as part of the contribution that differentiates the protective factor between living, and dying from getting run over amid the twilight atmosphere.

    In the dusk setting, situated in the darkening of a time is a period that hinders vision. Be it the lack of adequate nutrition that results in a person's night blindness, or foggy as the season of the year arrives, and even in poorly lit grounds amid the gloom demands for wearables that supports getting seen. Thus the mandated requiring of a reflective safety, or a returning shine in luminosity when a distant illumination becomes directed upon - that the lanyard-wearing personnel offers back a glint that shows indication in which he/she is here to the passerby inside the vehicle. It could be said that the reflective polyester lanyard offers a supplementation to mitigate some of the misfortunes, and this minimises potential casualty of the incidents at the street - emphasising on the trust of life-on-the-line first - so long observable differences are met.

    And especially true even in the development of roads and construction. Builders of the traffic are often deployed during evening hours, making use of the away-from-peak jamming period to repair roads, or build newer ones. The immediate appliance of such laborious condition leverage on the use of safety garments greatly, and this is reinforced amongst the local law during civil engineering. This, in turn, creates a continuous demand for the service to purchase the reflective polyester neck strap amongst the lanyard suppliers in Malaysia, in order to arm the workforce in meeting the benchmark length.

    The reflective polyester lanyard, also known as the hi-viz neck strap or even as the high-visibility lanyard, can be customised to a variety of interest based off a corporate's needs and industrial wants. Yet the primary attribute of such a clothing gear is objectively and intentionally made for outdoor purposes - just as the reflection of light flashes back as a forewarn of the user being here. The convenient wear by the neck offers a hands-free support that easily holds for a ID badge, or even a smartphone as it becomes dangled rigidly on the chest whenever the worker goes about his/her job. In this instance, the police officer or the guardsman is given leeway of holding a flashlight on one hand, and an immediate unsheath to wield a weapon on the other, allowing for mob or crime control in the face of unprecedented danger.

    Assembling A Custom Lanyard

  • 15mm, 20mm and 25mm width sizing options
  • Customising options with buckle, snap hook, pull reel and card holder attachments

  • Featured as a base material is the thermoplastic known as 'polyester', which was developed in a few score decades ago by the inventor and an organic chemist known as Wallace Carothers. This plastic was part of a series of discovery under the incidental production of nylon by DuPont chemical corporate, in which the polymer led a series of revolutionary changes as the synthetic fiber became predominantly used, and a substitution towards the conventional fabric found - of silk, cotton and so forth and so on, in the favour of this thermoplastic.

    In the case of the reflective polyester lanyard, the plastic became a favourite as a deployment in making corporate gifts—for it's found to be incredibly cheap in bulk production, while habouring an enduring durability that lasts for a test of time across casual daily use. Highly customisable in the midst of assembling the custom lanyard (another synonym for the variables at which this neck strap can be personalised) are width options of 15mm, 20mm, as well as 25mm, and this becomes a key component as a promotional merchandise whenever a proprietary logo printing is engraved onto the strap - for a larger lanyard width results in bigger font sizes and altogether an even more obvious branding seen.

    Amongst all lanyard suppliers, and depending on the liasing and availability of customisation with their very own neck strap manufacturers, the assembling of a custom lanyard varies to great length. With this fact stated, UDesignConcept have the choice that are centred to the building of localised EDC (everyday carry) variants, in which the functions are well-thought for daily necessity; the likes of a buckle that interchange the built-in swivel hooks for different holding purposes is one, and that may consequentially alter the secure holding of the different card holders as another. A pull reel can be custom-made into the lanyard to ensure tangle-free of an ID card.

    Monochrome Silk Screen Printing With This Lanyard Supplier

  • 900mm standardised length
  • Water-resistant, polyester fiber that prevents ink printing dilution on a reflective coating
  • Silk screen printing (single coloured) for robust ink

  • In the process of personalising your neck strap, the option of silk screen printing can be opted as an add-on for marketing purposes - which are mainly considered within B2B gifts. Using a unified length of 900mm in reflective polyester lanyard, another great advice by this lanyard supplier is to utilise the complete refractive strip with fonts and logo for campaigning purposes. The benefit of this polyester fabric is its water resistance that helps to inhibit the serigraphy ink from wearing off, while allowing a monochrome colour in the process of imprinting the neck strap.
    Weight (In Grams) 18g (Based Off 20mm Width As A Standard Size)
    Body Material Polyester Fabric Material With Reflective Coating
    Dimensions (mm) (Length x Width) 900mm Length x 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Attachment(s) Customisable Options (Buckle Attachment, Chooseable Snap Hooks, Pull Reel & Card Holder Types)
    Buckle Attachment Type(s) Full Metal / Half Metal / Plastic Detachable Buckle
    Snap Hook Type(s) Standard Metal Hook / Crocodile Hook / J Hook / Oval Hook / Slide Hook / Phone String
    Card Holder Option(s) Lanyard Tag / PU (Polyurethane) Leather / Transparent Plastic / Transparent PVC / Rigid Card Holder
    Colour(s) Available A Wide Selectable Range Of The Pantone Colour Matching System
    Printing Method Monochrome Silk Screen Printing (One-Sided Only)