Satin Lanyard [B2B Purchase Only]
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Satin Lanyard

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  • 20mm / 25mm Width Options
  • Water-Resistant, 900mm Length Satin-Polyester Fabric Material
  • Customisable Attachment Options:-
    - Buckle / Snap Hook / Pull Reel / Card Holder Attachments
  • Singular Silk Screen Printing Only

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    Tried and true was this fabric invention, the satin weave is characterised to have made today's world of lanyards prolific in selection choice. But not that the material hasn't been before, plenty of uses were found prior to the inception of neck straps are also of satin in entwined property.

    And prolly a personnel seeking corporate gifts would've seen—as proudly claimed by this lanyard supplier—that considering this interlace is part of the trio pillars in textile fundamentals, clothes of everyday wear that's built under satin is likely worn anywhere public he/she may have gone. Translating that fashion trend of wearables breathed the inspiration of the gear-oriented satin lanyard, it's proudly a customisable strap that goes in batches of order - pulling a stunt of digital campaign printing among each purchases of these badge holders in Malaysia.

    Historically of the satin discovery were the Chinese using silk in fabric material. In today's Kuala Lumpur, and especially with this neck strap supplier the satin weaving is made with polyester lanyards. Predominantly of this material change - as seen even amongst the camera straps were because of limited resources; that in catering to the economics of scale, all customised ID card holder under a lanyard is to be cost-conscious for the people of all age groups.

    And even more reputable than its nylon counterpart that the polyester-based, satin lanyard is currently found to be. Both are synthetic in origin, yet if an interwoven is made under the nylon lanyard it would've been priced far higher - for the polymer fabric's known for its robust quality. The satin neck strap (of polyester variant) in the same note, took the world by storm because of its economical production.

    All satin lanyards have remained nevertheless, and are still considered premium - just as the weaving has achieved its stature that enables a glossy appearance, promoting a lanyard glint that mildly shines a light source back - whenever the everyday carry wearable is directed under. Altogether, it's made the satin-typed camera strap extremely stylish upon seen, assigning the conscience of branding purpose with the syncing of class upon wield.

    Making Custom Lanyards Under Satin

  • 20mm or 25mm width options only, with a fixed 900mm length.
  • Water-Resistant attribute with polyester fabric.
  • Configurable attachments through multiple buckle, snap clip and card holder choices.
  • Lightweight design in preventing neck fatigue (18g based off a regular satin lanyard sizing of 20mm - with no additional accessories found).

  • This custom lanyard of Malaysia supply could be configured in a myriad of ways, and thus enabling an exclusive multi-combination type of design that is undoubtedly specific to a company's neckstrap. And like every other forms of lanyards, these badge holders follow the usage of a minimal, universal width at 20mm - as seen and practised across all lanyard manufacturers, while supplementing that choice of a satin neckstrap is a wider option of 25mm—which increases tensile strength the longer a satin lanyard is—for a greater hands-free carry of heavier devices, whenever electronics like phone are attached to a strap.

    The spaciously long of a length at 900mm - as found in this satin-weaved, polyester lanyard flexibly fits all population peer group, yet it's thought well-conscious enough for the card holder to be resting at an office man's chest. And in leveraging its synthetic attribute, exposure towards daily moisture and seasonal rains will not encourage mold growth on the satin ID card lanyard. For this polymer is hydrophobic - and in this instance, the satin neck strap innately repels water. And a trait highly preferred out of the fibre material - a discovery by Wallace Carothers (an organic chemist) of DuPont chemical corporate soon revolutionised the old industrial usage then (of cotton and silk), for the carry of polyester which was vested into the now satin lanyard.

    As described of the configurable attachment setting, this customized ID card holder of Malaysia advocates for an interchangeable buckle attachment options. Three readily found detachable buckle can be opted for the satin lanyard, which includes an abrasive-resistant alloy clasp, a semi-metal variant, and even a complete plastic buckle in aids to interchange the satin lanyard's hook types. And further emphasised amongst every B2B purchases, this camera strap may be fitted according to situational seeds - making a highly versatile corporate gift under the disguise of a simple satin neck lanyard.

    A phone string may be routinely used across everyday carry routines, and only to be replaced with a crocodile clip in latching ID badge holders thereafter. With a semi-D oval hook, regular clip, or even a slide hook readily found, the satin lanyard achieves a secured fastening of accessories. Tagging for access across gated doorways may also be done with an equipped pull reel (also known as a retractable badge reel), for an entry swipe can be conducted instead of bending over with the neck strap.

    One-Sided Satin Lanyard Printing

  • Monocolour of silk screen printing only (under all range of the Pantone colour matching system)
  • West Malaysia-wide shipping services

  • Serigraphy, or what also known as silk screen printing, is the sole method of stamping amongst the batch of printed lanyards. And this is conventionally seen with a high quality logo of a corporate being sent, which is used to be mapped onto the satin neckstrap. In other similar course, campaign slogans that goes alongside seasons may be introduced within the lanyard printing of Kuala Lumpur, and is likely changed and collected amongst participants.

    All lanyard suppliers and even manufacturers begin by having a computerised printed mesh, and this is placed onto a fixed substrate before a colour is added. In the case of the satin lanyard, the hue chosen will only be singular - and follows the Pantone colour matching system availability of hues. Black, grey, red, or even white can be found with this laniard, which shall be a contrast against the synthetic base fabric colour. Ultimately, a double layer is used - with a satin-weaved cloth being stitched onto the polyester body of the camera strap. This satin section is also where the printed logo becomes engraved upon, thrusting forward of a physical branding presence that can be advertised on-the-move. With UDesignConcept, all satin lanyards will be shipped across West Malaysia-wide only.
    Weight (In Grams) 18g (Based Off 20mm As A Standard Size [With No Additional Accessory Options] )
    Dimensions (mm) (Length x Width) 900mm Length x 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Body Material Satin Ribbon Strip With Polyester Fabric Material
    Attachment(s) Customisable Options (Buckle Attachment, Chooseable Snap Hooks, Pull Reel & Card Holder Types)
    Buckle Attachment Type(s) Full Metal / Half Metal / Plastic Detachable Buckle
    Snap Hook Type(s) Standard Metal Hook / Crocodile Hook / J Hook / Oval Hook / Slide Hook / Phone String
    Card Holder Option(s) Lanyard Tag / PU (Polyurethane) Leather / Transparent Plastic / Transparent PVC / Rigid Card Holder
    Colour(s) Availability A Wide Selectable Range Of The Pantone Colour Matching System (Longer Lead Time Is Needed Should The Selected Colour Is Found Not In Stock!)
    Printing Method One-Sided, Singular Logo Colour