Ambassador Metal Ball Pen #903R
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Ambassador Metal Ball Pen

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  • Black Ink
  • Plastic Hauser Roller Refill Compatible
  • Pen Cap Removal
  • Brass Alloy Construct With Metallic Surface Finishing

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

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    In a moment of diplomacy, business endeavours call for first impression to amaze - and deliver. Portraying that thought of mannerism is the capability to stay equipped, and that includes using the right pen in the best moment - in order to shift the power of gaze to the professional amid noting sentences, staying attentive while continuing to discuss potential deals and upcoming partnerships. Idolising that centred theme breathed the AMBASSADOR roller (903R) that does just that; it's a writing instrument symbolising authority on its own, an office EDC that brings a level of gentlemen class, and a ballpoint pen with a capacity to refill.

    This puts a growing interest towards a brand - especially if this promotional pen is gifted as a corporate sourvenir, by the thought of encouraging ink refills become a greener ideal in reusing as well as seizing the advantage of reducing waste. And all in the matter that the Ambassador pen which can be custom logo printed to have your company's name, drawing memoirs of setting the commercial union.

    The Ambassador ball pen houses a commonly used nib size standard of 0.7mm, which allows the wording construct where lines are wide enough to be easily read. Yet built under a material foundation of sturdy brass for lightweight and durable attribute, this 42.8g writing tool is complemented by an attractive black lustre of metal surface finishing. A thickness of 14.2mm length by 12mm diameter barrel emphasises stability amid the process of phrasing words.

    Ballpoint Tip Opening With Removal of Pen Cap

    Considering the inspirations that was derived off the old-fashioned style of writing instrument, the Ambassador is a pen which proudly uses a cap that seals and hides the ballpoint tip. A pocket clip can be further seen in the moments to fasten carry while visiting clientele, only to be pulled out immediately for quick jot down of important notes. For best practices, it's important to secure the nib closed at all times with the pen cap whenever unused, in order to prolong the ink found in the cartridge from drying out.

    Refilling With Plastic Hauser Roller

    The Ambassador ball pen uses an ink chamber refill that is compatible with all plastic hauser roller replacement. And despite that it originally comes with a cartridge of black ink use, any colour substitute of an officer's preference can be used so long it matches the size and type of existing rollerball capsule.

    Simply unwind the holder of the ballpoint tip found on the Ambassador to remove the drained ink chamber, in order to substitute and reuse the rollerball pen once again.

    Varied Options Of Promotional Pen Printing

    Seasonally, the Ambassador metal ball pen can be awarded under special circumstances; whether by corporate gifts in the wake of events, or as a token of appreciation to the professionals under cooperative work. Among the options of pen logo printing that can be produced, the variety includes pad printing for a general endurance against the test of time, while laser engraving and even ultraviolet (UV) imprint offers an even longer durability of physical marketing branding.

    The positioning of pen printing with the Ambassador is flexible to be placed on the mid barrel section, or towards the rear side of the promotional pen. Irregardless of the placement, designs will be computerised and structurally mapped onto each batch of the pens for an evenly distributed yield, reducing errors while assuring stringent assurance. A company's purchasing staff may offer pointers of design directives to UDesignConcept, or send us a logo themselves - which will be applied into the promotional pen printing. Further packaging options are also available with the Ambassador writing instrument, making delivery of souvenirs handed out seen in premium quality.
    Material Metal
    Ink Type Roller
    Nib Size 0.7mm
    Refill Colour Black
    Surface Finishing Metalic
    Product Weight 42.8g
    Dimension 142mm(L) x 13mm(D)