NH03A Heat Press Non Woven Bag - A4
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NH03A Heat Press Non Woven Bag - A4

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  • 28cm Width x 33cm Height x 8cm Diameter Size
  • 44cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • 22cm Width by 24cm Height Printing Area Available
  • Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
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    Non Woven & Canvas Bag
     15 Sep 2020
    Like the ideas of giving that is full of positivity and warmth, the NH03A heat press non woven bag reminisces optimism because of its radiant hue foundation. 'A4' of factory production sizing sprouts for the cause of making ties - as seen heartening to hand over a bag full of corporate gifts, non-woven bags further symbolises greener conscience. And this is especially true - within its period of using and not, because it redefines the change of heavy pollution as a result of earlier plastic use.

    Reduce, reuse, and recycle - for the love of our earth; to the mindful development of our ties, these are the instilled attributes of the NH03A eco-friendly bag. Featuring buttress strong non-woven polypropylene textile to a contrary of paper thickness found, the strange advent of a material handles a capped weight of up to 10 kilograms. By classification of fabric density types, the NH03A recycle bag uses 90GSM - categorised as lightweight, while offering cooling factor upon held.

    The NH03A heat press non woven bag is made to a dimension of 28cm width by 33cm height with an 8cm diameter, allowing the insertion of aplenty door gifts that can be lifted with an identical polypropylene handle. The tall grip length of 44cm was built to account for a versatile of carry - by palm or through shoulder strap in order to accommodate user convenience.

    Ultrasonic Finish On A Non-Woven Bag

    Because of the tough polypropylene that's in used, development for proper trimming techniques are needed. By that assaying process, an ultrasonic oscillated tool is included. This evenly cuts the NH03A non-woven bag to even sizes, where a heated rod is used after to watertight fuse the handle on to the body.

    Logo Printing By Heat Press Transfer

    To be considered as a supplier to non-woven bags, UDesignConcept has custom printing services that expands to a variety of methods. In the case of NH03 goody bag, the process of heat press is used - which involves bringing the temperature up high and applying a squared sink of pressure after.

    With the front and rear option of imprinted details available, designs are first drawn digitally before being mapped onto the non-woven bag's surface. A corporate representative may further give guidance or reference in how an illustration should be created before the NH03A receives its custom bag printing.
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Product size 280mm x 330mm x 80mm
    Handle length 440mm
    Weight 50g
    Finishing Stitch & Ultrasonic
    Colour available Light Pink, Magenta, Red, Green, Milo Green, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Purple, Maroon, Beige, White, Grey, Black