N21A Dual Colour Non Woven Bag - A4
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N21A Dual Colour Non Woven Bag - A4

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  • 28cm Width x 33cm Height x 8cm Diameter Size
  • 44cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • Dual Colour Customisable Options With Printing Available
  • Stitch & Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
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    When you're surveying for a non-woven bag with a printing designation, we're delighted to inform you of the N21A in two colour tones.

    Exquisite in style that is fashioned towards a rigid cube of a shape, the N21A non-woven bag features a A4 universal benchmark size with 28cm width by 33cm height. A spacious 8cm diameter allows for a fitting of plenty corporate gifts, it's the thought that counts in giving is what makes your staffs' presence visible and loved.

    The N21A two-tone non-woven bag uses a 90GSM polypropylene textile, this is categorized lightweight (or paper-thin in design) with an uncanny element towards weight attribute. Holding up to 10 kilograms of door gifts at a go, this fabric remains ecological friendly in use.

    Supersonic And Stitch Finishing

    As the abovesaid factor, non-woven polypropylene remains buttress hard to be trimmed. In order to accurately cut the said fabric, the N21A eco bag uses machine developed techniques to evenly slice its textile.

    A heated appliance as a result of supersonic vibration is used to melt the 44cm handle onto the polypropylene body, creating a watertight bonding that is also strong across time. Further stitching creates additional durability structure within the N21A recycle bag, with a finalized piping that calls for up-to-date appearance of style.

    Dual Colour Non-Woven Bag Printing

    Choose two available colours, out of the myriad of colourising options available to brand your goody bag - from black, white, beige, yellow, orange, dark orange, grey, magenta, red, maroon, green, milo green, turquoise, dark green, cyan, royal blue, navy blue, dark purple, light brown and even dark brown.

    The N21A two-tone non-woven bag can be then logo printed with your brand, with computerised application that draws your proprietary print onto the polypropylene surface. This is used for a controlled yield, with the ultimate result of applying a traditional silk screen printing method that maps your hues, where its appearance transform into a movable ad.
    Size 280mm x 330mm x 80mm
    Handle Length 440mm
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Finishing Stitch & Ultrasonic