Berlin Metal Ball Pen #976B
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Berlin Metal Ball Pen

SKU: PN0325


  • Black Ink
  • Metal Parker Refill Compatible
  • Twist-Action Ballpoint Tip Opening
  • Metal Construct With Solid Matt Surface Finishing

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

    Kindly contact our sales representative for the pricing details.

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    They say that the 'pen is mightier than the sword', signifying the fancy of words that can influence people. But when it comes to office and urban carry complexity, the usage of Berlin Metal Ball Pen (976B) is more of a necessity than phrase shaping.

    This goes to show how important Everyday Carry (EDC) is, jot down equipped amid the casual daily undertaking, but more important as how it could be when the Berlin ballpoint pen is gifted as a souvenir; available with custom engravings to brand this - and empower the receiver to take notes.

    The Berlin metal ball pen is built with a pocket clip in its rear - a design well-thought out to make secure travel a surety. Further acting to put a stop when placed at the desk, pens without it are seen rolling off due to its round structure.

    Twist-Action Ballpoint Opening

    A user may turn open the lower torso of Berlin biro pen with a clockwise twist to reveal the ball tip, and counter-clockwise to keep it hidden.

    The black ink in this custom metal pen is ideal for writing, notes found written with the Berlin will be easily read.

    Parker Pen Refill Compatibility

    Upon finishing the ink cartridge found, Berlin metal ball pen can have its inner chamber replaced and restocked. This makes use of recycling, making a pen purchase efficiently lasting and reasonable. Having this said, you may use any 1mm nib size of parker pen cartridge to substitute existing usage.

    Personalise With Pen Logo Printing

    The Berlin writing instrument makes for a great corporate souvenir. Custom pen printing allows a company's name or individual signature realised that advertises with this promotional pen upon held.

    You may decide with each purchase to have pen logo printing, where it can be prepared and presented by your choosing from a number of gift boxes.
    Product Weight (Pen Only) 21.9g
    Dimension (mm) (Length x Height) 135mm Length x 0.9mm Height
    Nib Size (mm) 1.0mm
    Tip Opening Twist-Action
    Ink Type Ballpoint
    Ink / Refill Colour Black Colour
    Surface Finishing Solid Matt
    Refill Type Metal Parker Compatible Refill
    Base Material Metal
    Product Code (SKU) 976B
    Classification Metal Ball Pen