Trinity Retractable Metal Ball Pen #977B
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Trinity Retractable Metal Ball Pen

SKU: PN0326


  • Black Ink
  • Parker Refill Compatible
  • Retractable Click Rear For Ballpoint Tip Opening
  • Metal Construct With Metallic Surface Finishing

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

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    When it comes to a class that bridges the traditional frame with daring, present day design, the Trinity Retractable Ball Pen (977B) stands by three purposeful factor: a fashionable outlook that inspire a set of class, a metal body that withstands rough treatment and an overall length of 14cm allowing various gripping positions for writing styles. Pen printing concept honours - and stamps your branding for a corporate souvenir, make this gift an EDC that inspires the reminder of your kindness with essential usage.

    Made of a design from the best of both worlds, toss those classic pens out - it's a writing instrument with a shape of the past. Latest century marvels bring the Trinity a new generation of thought; requiring the latest biro manufacturing solutions to complement the modern day professional. The Trinity Retractable Metal Ball Pen is a lightweight, durable machined metal body construct complemented by a metallic surface finishing, this keeps the gleam across its body that highlights as a standout upon use.

    Retractable Rear For Ballpoint Tip Reveal

    Out of the catalogue and various design inceptions that makes variety as the spice of life, the Trinity Biro Pen is built with a retractable mechanism in the rear that inspires a one-handed usage. The writer might be short of hands and is holding a paper to keep a sheet in place, a convenient press on the retractable back inward - confirmed by a simple sound of click-action unveils the ballpoint tip for writing.

    To hide the inked nose cone once more, repeat the thumb sequence on the pen's end to keep the ballpoint tip hidden - a feat only possible with a complex thrust device installed.

    Compatible With Parker Cartridge Refill

    Towards the end of a cartridge, the Trinity Metallic Ballpoint Pen can be reused by replacing its ink chamber. This is possible with a cone opening that allows for a parker refill replacement. Originally supplied with a black ink, you may simply alter or change to your colour preference after, making it a customisable metal pen versatile for daily use.

    Printing Using Trinity Promotional Pen

    All forms of organisations may gain leeway to print on the Trinity. With two options available between pad printing and ultraviolet (UV) engravings, the hallmark of your proprietary brand can be set on its torso. It will be a gift merchandise that draws memoir to any individual.
    Base Material Aluminium Alloy
    Ink Type Ballpoint
    Product Weight (Pen Only) 20.4g
    Dimension (mm) (Length x Height) 140mm Length x 17.5mm Height
    Nib Size (mm) 1.0mm
    Surface Finishing Metallic
    Ink / Refill Colour Black Colour
    Tip Opening Retractable / Spring-Loaded Ink Cartridge
    Classification Retractable Metal Ball Pen
    Product Code (SKU) 977B
    Refill Type Parker Compatible Refill