Vienna Metal Pen #958B & #958R
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Vienna Metal Pen

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  • Black Ink (For All Pen Versions)

  • Ballpoint Pen (#958B) Features:
    - Metal Parker Refill
    - Twist-Action Ballpoint Tip Opening
    - 1mm Nib Size

  • Rollerball Pen (#958R) Features:
    - Metal Roller Refill
    - Pen Cap Removal
    - 0.7mm Nib Size

  • Metal Construct With Black Surface Finishing (For All Pen Versions)

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

    Kindly contact our sales representative for the pricing details.

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    The Vienna metal pen draws blueprint and naming inspiration from the imperial sightings that the actual capital location is known for. And through its lacquer design is a promotional pen best suited as a premium gift - that writing instrument is now a symbol of class, where first meeting represents an attentive interest that complements the gentlemen in the meet, encouraging sharp detailing skills of taking requirement notes. It's as simple as referring to your black-and-white that was written just before during the next session of followup, sparing no unchecked details for a service that satisfy, but without a doubt is all to thank the Vienna metal ball pen to complete the journey.

    Being a supplier of writing tools, two variations can be found: rollerball (958R) and ballpoint (958B) option. For on-the-go office men, it's more advisable to be getting the Vienna ballpoint pen variant, and this is because of the oil-based ink that's used in the biro. The end result is a quick-dry action that reduces smudge - while producing a smooth transition of passage sentencing that makes it ideal for quick jottings whenever necessary. However, if the administrator becomes keen into office use or souvenir gifting, make no second guesses then in choosing the Vienna rollerball pen - as it would be the preferred alternative for each roller pen houses an ink chamber that are gel-based in volume, resulting in fine handwriting of cursive as well as neat in free flowing details.

    Lines in phrases created out of the Vienna rollerball is more thicker as a consequence, which the pen engineers have thoughtfully controlled by using a smaller nib size of 0.7mm. As for the ballpoint option, a pen tip of 1.0mm nib size can be seen, while both versions still uses a default of black ink upon purchase.

    Pen Cap Removal For Rollerball Tip Opening, & Twist-Action For Ballpoint Nib Unveil

    The Vienna metal pen features a separated opening that reveals its pen tip that is dependent on the versions used; a pen cap removal under its rollerball tip variant, while a barrel twist-action style is built for the ballpoint type. The cap is essential because gel-based inks from the roller version may potentially dry off, which results in the complete loss of the cartridge under the barrel. Thus, the best practice in keeping the shelf life and optimal usage of the Vienna pen is to always keep it secured and sealed when unused.

    To refill the ink chamber after extensive writing, each design uses a separated refill type. Choose a metal parker ink for the Vienna ball point, and metal roller refill for the latter alternative. The inner cartridge can only be accessed by removing the head section of the Vienna metal pen, in order to enter ink chamber for re-using purposes.

    Pen Logo Printing With UDesignConcept

    Like most metal pen suppliers in Malaysia, UDesignConcept features two standard printing options for custom engravings. The imprint could be the result of a seasonal campaign cycle, or branding by corporate logo printing on the barrel section or on the rear side of the Vienna promotional pen.

    The first option of customising pen is pad printing. Pad printing is conducted by mapping a 2D (two-dimensional) image on a 3D (three-dimensional) product, which in our case is a design printed on stationary and controlled positioning of a metallic writing instrument. The second and last possibility is by using a commercialised UV printing method with a blend of formulated ink, that will specially dry under the exposure of ultraviolet rays. This can be equally fitted into chooseable options of packaging before it's sent as a form of corporate gift. And identical to all pen printing inventories found under UDesignConcept, all design recommendations can be suggested to our end, or provide a direct sample which will be used as your logo printing. Either ways, all illustrations are electrically and computerised enhanced in order to draw an even yield of engraving.
    Material Metal
    Dimension Ball Pen - 130mm(L) x 17mm(D) / Roller Pen - 130mm(L) x 11mm(D)
    Product Weight 31g
    Ink Type Ball/Roller
    Nib Size Ball-1.0mm / Roller-0.7mm
    Refill Colour Black
    Surface Finishing Metalic