RFID Tyvek Wristband
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RFID Tyvek Wristband

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  • Multiple Dyes Available (View Our Colour Chart Here)
  • 254mm Width x 19mm Height
  • Customisable Full Colour Printing Method Only
  • MIFARE Ultralight EV1 (Or Similar) Integrated Circuit Chip Model
  • Waterproof & Eco-Friendly Tyvek Paper Material

  • *This Paper Wristband Is Non-Transferable Of One-Time Usage Only!

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    An RFID tag built within the Tyvek Wristband for immediate verification, and even quicker as a disposable option once unused. By ensuring the success of a concert, here's a wild thought of bracelet printing: put up a smiley face and slap a logo of your corporate, because unlike the plain tyvek wristband out there, this RFID armband features a customisable full-colour printing option for a branding extravaganza.

    The personnel may have stumbled upon many a RFID Tyvek wristband being used, and that example is found within any hospital of the Malaysian health care industry as the patient secures the band, yet residing within the hotel and retreat culture are also guests fastening the armlet amid attending the theme park. Because either of the cause, common factors can be observed; and it's that all RFID bands are sterilised, tear resistant, promotes cashless transaction and waterproof to ensure a robust and safe application during the event.

    To top this off is that the armband development is made with green conscience at thought, that every piece of the RFID disposable bracelet can be recycled. This was in respect of ethical consumerism, that by embodying the KL-based cultural revolution of protecting the environment at hand—reduce, reuse and recycle as the banded motto; inserted with an RFID inlay, to the plastic material known as 'polyethylene fibres' that makes up the Tyvek—each and every component that assembles to the wristband is reusable as an enduring '3R' effort.

    The Structure Of RFID Disposable Bracelet

  • Has an overall tyvek wristband dimensions of 254mm width by 19mm height
  • Housing a passive tag type using MIFARE Ultralight EV1 chip
  • Contactless technology of 13.56MHz near-field communication (NFC); up to 1.5m of read distance
  • Comprised of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibres (HDPE) body

  • What is an RFID? This is one of the many a marvelous invention that was brought into the paper wristband. An RFID is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, in which this custom wristband holds a function to be detected as a registered attendee to a said party.

    Yet were it not without the research influence by trial and error conducted from DuPoint corporate of chemical manufacturing, all Tyvek wristbands wouldn't had came to be. In what led to the later creation of RFID Disposable Bracelet, began with the initial stages of a Western corporate scientist noticing a strange white colour fluff known as the polyethylene. This plastic material was thoroughly examined and experimented with different ambient factors, ultimately leading to DuPoint's industrial method of creating the flashspun high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Years and commercialisation down the line drew the Tyvek into various uses, but centred to the industrialisation of Malaysia's third world country growth features the primary usage of plastic armlets.

    The RFID Tyvek wristband, which could also be synonymously identified very commonly as an RFID Paper Wristband in Malaysia (or simply an RFID Disposable Bracelet), uses the paper-soft variant out of the two HDPE fabric hardness found (while the latter Tyvek material being robust hard for construction purposes). Under its construction features a simple housing of a passive RFID tag that has an antenna and a chip to emit a low, but long distance radio wave verification signaling, that the armband's property is tear resistant which causes the integrated circuit chip to be embedded safely for a wireless transmission - accessing gated setups of a wristband check-in system conveniently.

    Part of which makes the RFID disposable bracelet highly successful is the introduction of contactless technology, which disposes bar code tyvek wristands and where wristband manufacturers of Kuala Lumpur has adopted the MIFARE Ultralight EV1, or any similar NFC (Near-Field Communication) chips in that regard. The aforementioned device found in the band features a wavelength of 13.56 MHz that can be received and interpreted by the RFID reader during admission period, and when unused, it can be recycled under a rewritable setting for a cycle of 500,000 times. This equates to a reading distance of 1.5 metres, with no line-of-sight meant the freedom of wrist expression that can be checked - so long if the custom bracelet is under detectable ranges. Despite being a paper wristband featuring a proprietory designed printing, each RFID disposable bracelet remains in an overall dimension of 254mm length by 19mm height - which draws careful considerations of contextual printing sizes onto the band itself.

    To top the RFID Tyvek wristband off is its cheap production, and an easy-to-wear functionality across all groups that deems it effective and safe during event management. As each of the paper wristbands come initially in a strip, this can be adjusted depending on the wrist of the individual. The bands, once secured with a space of a single finger worth of slack, can be fastened with a glue paste during the course of an event.

    Printing With A Wristband Supplier

  • Mockup tyvek wristband samples can be given as designing cues, or tap UDesignConcept's creative team as a service
  • Full-colour printing method with a variety of hue choices

  • Remote ordering can be made - once the adjusting quantities of this RFID Tyvek wristband are filled, and when the enquiry of your enterprise details are submitted. In the same case, is that our contact—as a wristband supplier based in West Malaysia of SEA region—can be retrieved; in UDesignConcept's corporate profile, or as found in the webspace of internet directories. This eliminates the contextual meaning of Tyvek wristbands near me, as now of the past and was enabled in a shifting of commercials to breach cross-borders business-to-business gap - that in Asia, Tyvek armbands are notoriously used for enterprise events and even night clubs.

    For starters, upon contacted, the company's administrator will be asked to provide cues of band designing suggestion. This is in reflection of the sole printing method found in custom making a RFID Tyvek wristband, a conduct that utilises a printer to map the inks onto the soft HDPE fabric for full-colour stamping. The spokesperson of B2B demands may tap into their graphic personnel to develop a stylish, or that can be sought as part of our custom-made band services. Clues of illustration can be offered via a Tyvek wristband template of Microsoft Word, where decorations are colourised and filled to make the slogan or for campaigning purposes. In that circumstance, various samples of designing Tyvek wristband mockups may be seen freely, in which could inspire creative efforts.
    Weight (Grams) 0.8g
    Product Size (mm) (Width x Height) 254mm Width x 25mm Height
    Colour Gray / Red / Purple / Orange / Neon Red / Blue / Lite Purple / Yellow / Gold / Aqua / Silver / Pink / Neon Green / Green / White
    Body Material 100% Eco-Friendly Tyvek Paper (Also Known As 'High-Density Density Polyethylene (HDPE)'), RFID Chip
    RFID Type Passive RFID Tag
    RFID Chip NFC (MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Or Similar)
    Recyclability Yes (Recyclable Plastic)
    Weatherproof / Resistance Waterproof And Tear Resistant
    Printing Method Full Colour Printing
    Product Usage Information Non-Transferable Of One-Time Usage Only