NH02 Heat Press Non Woven Bag - A3
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NH02 Heat Press Non Woven Bag - A3

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  • 35cm Width x 35cm Height x 10cm Diameter Size
  • 50cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • Full Area Printing Available
  • Stitch & Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
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    Now when it comes to branding within every forms of non-woven bags there is, this was the issue that was tackled by every corporate: to establish a presence that attempts to capture the sights and minds of passerbys.

    With that in mind was a frontier development, bringing the 'heat press' method into limelight that allows a full-page recycle bag printing - stimulating the keen interest to see, and thoroughly seized into advantage by the masterful positioning of brands, as well as using the illustrative power that makes it appealing.

    And an outcome that derives the NH02 Non-Woven Bag. One of the first using polypropylene that is made 'A3' in size, of 35cm width and height with a 10cm diameter. Non-woven polypropylene was chosen because of the wide and ardent interest towards environmental factors, minimising costs while bearing the attribute of high pulling strength. This foundation totals to a paramount adjustment that can lift - and carry up to 10 kilograms of goods' weight.

    And the best news is, the NH02 eco-friendly bag is adaptable, and can be used to behave as a carry for corporate gifts amid staff welfares, or, to function in providing door gifts under the ceremony of events— let alone its reusable interest for greener conscience.

    90GSM Lightweight Fabric Density With Ultrasonic & Stitching Finishing

    The NH02 eco bag is designed using a market benchmark of 90GSM low density textile, which is featherweight by nature - and provides a soft texture upon held. And because the thermoplastic non-woven polypropylene remains difficult to cut, robotic use of controlled ultrasonic trims have been done to ensure no jagged cuts nor torns are found.

    The usage of heat, as a byproduct of the rapid vibrations conducted by the machines help to combine the 50cm handle found into the body of the same non-woven polypropylene material. This is then followed by stitching finishing which seals for a surety of robustness of the NH02.

    Heat Press Printing With UDesignConcept As A Non-Woven Bag Supplier

    Factory processing of heat transfer is pioneered into the NH02. This is a technique where a flat machine of high temperature is used to press - and imprint a design onto this non-woven bag. A background of your corporate name or marketing propaganda can be seen as a result, which is complemented by a finishing piping as a gesture of style.
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Product size 350mm x 350mm x 100mm
    Weight 50g
    Handle length 500mm
    Finishing Ultrasonic
    Colour available Light Pink, Magenta, Red, Green, Milo Green, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Purple, Maroon, Beige, White, Grey, Black