Woven Lanyard [B2B Purchase Only]
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Woven Lanyard

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  • 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
  • Water-Resistant, 900mm Length Woven Fabric Material
  • Customisable Attachment Options:-
    - Buckle / Snap Hook / Card Holder Attachments
  • Capped 2 Colours Of Logo Printing (One-Sided Only)
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    Thus arrived an inception of this intricate plastic use; a thermoplastic that contests the very origins of cotton and even those of traditional fabrics, displacing the very custom yet natural texture by efficient cost and production yield the weaving of a synthetic fibre that turns into a lanyard of many usages. Now seen in facilities; offices, many a university and even amongst the college students, for the purpose of convenience - to hold keys, acting as a badge holder, and potentially securing even phones and small cameras, the woven lanyard has seen the boon of growth in recent years.

    Most notably it comes of a logo imprinted across the neck strap's body of various names and design, details of a brand and the premium identity spells for a cause - occasionally supporting, but most often it's that of the nice personnel having worked directly for the said firm, and gifts of custom woven lanyards are all too common being distributed amongst the staff.

    Durable against the bidding of everyday endeavours, and featuring high-tensile strength for the carry even of various gadgetry, the woven camera strap is all to thank for its polyester as a base property. This was once upon a time founded by W. H Carothers (or Wallace Carothers), the organic chemist and founder whose workings and discovery came under DuPont-before the period where subsequent offshoots of material usages were seen, and before the era where custom woven lanyards were made, the time of abundance then was a momentous breakthrough in creating polymer materials like nylon and polyester.

    Still prior to the development of laniards, the invention from the chemical manufacturing firm and through dedicated work of the recognized scientist then led a production revolution during its industrial stage (as well as in World War II), under the aggressive application of the polymer synthetic chemistry. This expanded across a variety of fields and applications - soon reaching the premium corporate gifts sector, the technology of polyester was seen after into the branch of custom fabric lanyards. And flourished the materials have been, in the neckstrap line of deliverables, because of the fact of the highly desired attributes favoured in daily lives.

    And between the two component construct, polyester is much more appreciated - and especially found even in this woven lanyard, for the thought of cheaper manufacturing that steers the accessible everyday carry equipment for all. It could also be said that the customized lanyard for keys, under the housing of polyester is a just-fit, high quality of a property sufficient for usual weather resistance. Hence, the majority interest on the latter fabric than nylon itself, but the greatest guise under B2B merchandising is the personalising of woven lanyards according to specific needs - which are carefully and meticulously elaborated below.

    Custom Woven Lanyard Development

  • Chooseable batch of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm (standard) and 25mm width sizing options, by a fixed 900 length.
  • Fully metallic, semi-metallic and plastic detachable buckle as a customisable option.
  • Common lanyard tag, Polyurethane leather-made, rigid body, transparent plastic or PVC card hold types in gifting personalisation.

  • This woven lanyard is made by interweaving or interlacing few very long, but thin strands of polyester fabric. The total compilation turns the polymer camera strap to have greater pull tension, as it elongates when holding an object and then retracting back into its original state when unused. The said synthetic material was chosen due to its water-resistant qualities; mold will not be formed on the woven lanyard amid the release of moisture.

    Featuring a 15g of weight, the laniard's textile when worn and left hanging by the personnel's neck wouldn't draw fatigue due to its featherweight action. This is cross-referenced to the standard 20mm width option when bargaining for the woven lanyard, which has been a go-to across the public sector as a general size.

    As for an accessory catering to kids, administrators opting for the DIY weaving laniard supplies may get the thinner or smaller width (10mm, 12mm or even 15mm) - for name tags and students' ID cards are commonly attached and never any other. Then again, a little known fact should also be emphasised and stated of the larger tension strength as more buttress a woven lanyard is taken, which is highly preferred for workmen and corporate women whenever the neck strap's used in the latching of heavier objects. Call the neck straps ordered a set of thick woven lanyards then, as B2B salesperson would know what this is meant.

    A flat and simple 900mm length remains uniform despite the making of a company lanyard, and this comes in consensus agreement for most neck strap suppliers in Malaysia just so the 'card holder' will not be too short, and neither too long in comparison of the average Southeast Asian height; that the eyes may see the card holder well-rested on the personnel's chest and easily identified, of which can also be personalised according to the corporate's customisation.

    The common woven lanyard tag may be chosen, or having a PU leather-made casing could be taken as a form of premium laniard accessory by fashion. Rigid housing is another for the solid protection of working identity cards, to even transparent plastic or PVC as additional options to assemble your proprietary set of woven lanyards.

    A detachable buckle of half-metal, full or even complete plastic may be opted for the breakaway measure in case of unnecessary strangling, yet at the same time compliments the ultra-versatile woven lanyard system of bearing different hooks. A durable phone strings may be attached for one occasion, to the change of hook types according to camera strap situational needs.

    Lanyard Printing With A Corporate Gifts Supplier

  • Capped 2 logo colours, with camera strap hues following PMS (Pantone Matching System).
  • West Malaysia wide shipping

  • The core concept of proprietary creation is the lanyard design input that makes a unique affiliation seen with the user wearing it, which corresponds to physical marketing and for branding recognition purposes.

    In liasing with UDesignConcept, as part of our merchandise specialising in MY-based neck strap supplying, up to two colours can be chosen for your logo. Black and white, or light yellow, grey to blue hues may be seen - following PMS, or Pantone Matching System for thorough hue decisions across the development of every woven lanyard.

    As pictorially seen, the camera strap's body may be in different colour than the logo created itself. The supplies of any woven lanyard by this corporate gifts supplier is exclusive only to West Malaysia shipping.
    Weight (In Grams) 15g (Based Off 20mm As A Standard Size)
    Dimensions (Length x Width) 90mm Length x 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Body Material Woven Fabric Material
    Attachment(s) Customisable Options (Buckle Attachment, Chooseable Snap Hooks, & Card Holder Types)
    Buckle Attachment Type(s) Full Metal / Half Metal / Plastic Detachable Buckle
    Snap Hook Type(s) Standard Metal Hook / Crocodile Hook / J Hook / Oval Hook / Slide Hook / Phone String
    Card Holder Option(s) Lanyard Tag / PU (Polyurethane) Leather / Transparent Plastic / Transparent PVC / Rigid Card Holder
    Printing Method Up To Two Colours For Logo Development (One-Sided Only)