Aluminium Tag Lanyard
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Aluminium Tag Lanyard

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  • 15mm Width x 800mm Height Lanyard Dimensions
  • 100mm Length x 58mm Width x 3mm Height Card Holder
    - Fits Up To 86mm Length x 54mm Width Card Size
  • Multiple Plastic / Aluminium Hook Attachment Options
  • Full Colour Heat Transfer With Hook Laser Printing Options
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    Conventional and common doesn't make the lavish interest for corporates keen in style; that may polyester lanyards bear a hands-free application for the average personnel, but with the way that neck strap's made— and the type of badge holder it carries, that lanyard wouldn't satisfy for luxuriant interest a prestigious corporate would want. This was the thrill in catering to affluent audience that was thoroughly discussed - at the sitting table between lanyard suppliers and neck strap manufacturers in Malaysia were ideations and proposals explored, drawing a process that intends to fit the game-breaking deal criteria with high-end enterprises. Thus the definition of a new neck strap came; glossy metallic in property, waterproof and durable in action that is known as the Aluminium Tag Lanyard.

    The business men and women is now fashioned - with a demeanour of using the aluminum-made, work permit protector-lanyard that complements the modern gadgetry. iPhones and even Androids of similar design can see the same in style - it's simple, yet elegant in appearance, because the neckstrap drew inspiration from those electronics that brought the lustrous metal ID badge holder.

    Camera straps are buttress in width that showcases the high-tensile strength, this is needed for the carry of heavy optics as the adventure photographer goes about his or her day. The LED lanyards are built into the aspect of clubs; for rave parties and nightly events, with lightings that go in synchronicity according to concerts found. The aluminum tag lanyard, in this aspect, COULD be the powerhouse that dresses the workforce in the period to impress clientele, protecting while revealing the card profile of the corporate individual being carried around. This shows legitimacy, and an official staff representing the organisation, with details to spare that the prospect can see is all to thank the neck strap worn.

    Custom Lanyard Specifications

  • 15mm width by 800mm height overall lanyard size
  • 100mm length by 58mm width and 3mm height card holder (fits up to 86mm length x 54mm width card size)
  • Multiple snap hook attachment customisation available
  • Vertical position fastening of metallic ID badge

  • As part of being categorised into a class of custom lanyards, the aluminium tag neckstrap features an uncanny attraction of personalising with a variety of snap hook options only, and this is in the respect of producing a proprietory corporate gift. It differs—from one custom made lanyard to another—for the additional printing and engravings that come is reserved to an enterprise. And while more customisations are available within UDesignConcept's range of other neck straps, this very specific functional lanyard with a card holder in Malaysia is restricted only to six hook choices, differentiated into two material types:

    1) Four aluminum hook choices
    2) Two plastic hook choices

    A good note found is that no sizing configurations will be introduced - during the building of this company lanyard with a metal ID badge holder, as this is specialised to a cause of the corporate world. A camera strap may be seen with a large sized breadth, yet this lanyard uses a fixed dimension of 15mm width by 800mm height. On the other hand, whichever of the selected hooks taken for your 'design your own lanyard', the aluminum card-badge holder is built to a standard measurement of 100mm length by 58mm width and 3mm height. This fits an ID card sizing of up to 85mm length of 54mm width - which is obviously smaller than the metal housing, tightly securing it while the staff goes about his/her day.

    Once worn, the one-piece aluminium tag stands vertical in position. This is an insight to prepare the upward rested, business work card any administration may use. Tightly securing the ID card within, the card badge holder of this lanyard is water and sweat resistant against the daily environments.

    Competitive Pricing & Bulk Orders With A Lanyard Supplier

  • Instant price check for quote comparison
  • A minimal of 100 orders for B2B quantities; West Malaysia shipping only

  • Fill in the options needed for the aluminium tag lanyard's purchase, which goes from the quantity needed in the B2B setting, to the number of printing colours, as well as the hook attachments desired. In this neck strap's case, the minimal orders are kept at 100 - a pre-requisite bulk requirement that is needed to satisfy the production of our lanyard manufacturer in Malaysia. A selectable shipping choices between express or economy delivery is also available.

    For immediate consumers' referencing, this lanyard supplier has introduced an instant price check that is specialised and automated solely to our corporate gifts website. The quotes are given according to the entries filled, allowing visiting personnel to reference and compare lanyard prices, under UDesignConcept's vow to stand for quality, competitive pricing and ethical business need.

    Lanyard Printing & Laser Engraving

  • Full colour heat transfer lanyard printing with metal clip laser engraving option
  • Manual submissions may be given, or seek UDesignConcept's creative services as a veteran in building custom lanyards.

  • All aluminium tag neckstraps enables the option of full-colour heat transfer printing, with a supplemented finish of a laser engraving on the metal hook. It begins by handing a lanyard mockup—which may be prepared by the visiting administration beforehand or to seek a graphical service from us—as a neck strap supplier. If the latter service is chosen, design cues will be offered before finalising the thermal heat printing. An individual may find lanyard templates available to gain further inspiration.

    It is suggested to fit the narrative of campaigns and propagandas during the lanyard printing, as the functional cord is now leaned towards the cycle of marketing purposes. This promotes the benefit of collectable, or may be given as an incentive under the idea of offering free-gifts. With each submission of the design to this lanyard supplier based in Kuala Lumpur, the illustrations will first be scanned for accurate imprints, ensuring a minimal margin of error for a maximum yield.
    Lanyard Dimensions (mm) (Width x Height) 15mm Width x 800mm Height
    Card Holder Dimensions (mm) (Length x Width x Height) 100mm Length x 58mm Width x 3mm Height (Fits Up To 86mm Length x 54mm Width Card Size)
    Body Material Aluminium Alloy
    Colour(s) Available Black / Silver / Gold / Rose Gold / Grey / Red / Blue / Brown
    Snap Hook Type(s) Plastic Hook Options / Aluminium Hook Options
    Printing Method(s) Full Colour Heat Transfer Printing (With Hook Laser Engraving Option)
    Customisable Option(s) Snap Hook Only