Woven Polyester Lanyard [B2B Only]
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Woven Polyester Lanyard

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  • 20mm / 25mm Width Options
  • Water-Resistant, 900mm Length Polyester & Woven Fabric Material
  • Customisable Attachment Options:-
    - Buckle / Snap Hook / Pull Reel / Card Holder Attachments
  • Up To 3 Colours Of Silk Screen Printing (With Pantone Matching System)

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     19 Mar 2019
     29 Aug 2016
    To this, a woven polyester lanyard, is an inception of technological changes. And in historical context spells the fabric development not too long ago, bearing the production yield of materials never seen in the past - and a new strapping found specifically within the modern era. Under the introduction of W. H Carothers (or in full name: Wallace Carothers), the late and renowned organic chemist having once worked for DuPont brought the invention of polymers, in which the yielding of nylon and polyester have taken the world by storm. Challenging the status quo of the then-existing economics, older textile soon gave way for the cheaper, easily produced fabric material. And that replication of paradigm shift was also seen amongst the laniards' sequencing, turning from cotton-based neck straps into the now polymide or even nylon lanyards.

    In the case of the woven polyester lanyard, technique formation of weaving was said to have remained in practice amid the maintenance of textile tradition, yet a marvelous interception of its polymer base led the breakthrough advancement amongst holding any ID card. This is all known amongst fabric strapping distributors - having liased with their very own lanyard manufacturer in Malaysia, that the practical usage of woven polyester camera strap excites for higher durability. Because in the ultimate showdown of a general non-woven laniard against a weaving neck strap, higher tensile strength can be found on the latter, making the spun polyester ID card holder fairly popular given a slightly higher budgeting in purchase.

    This neck strap's robust nature arrived because of its interweaving polyester found, enabling the everyday carry (EDC) to be stretchable when holding on to a weight, such as a small camera, while retracting back to its original state when unused. Add to this parallel of a cheaper alternative for corporate gifts, the woven polyester lanyard became heavily favoured amongst B2B purchases - when compared to nylon strappings, for the opposite synthetic fibre is known to be an even more premium material.

    Four Available Customisations With The Woven Polyester Lanyard

  • Universal 900mm length of water-resistant
  • 20mm Or 25mm available width custom lanyard options
  • Detachable buckle, clamp and pull reel options, and even various card holder personalisations
  • Lightweight neck lanyard of 18g (under 20mm width of a neckstrap as a standard)

  • Encompassing the aiding of purchases for business-to-business merchandise are also the inclusion of woven polyester lanyard inventories, which consequentially leads to a production of door gifts personalisation. Through a time setting where the seeking of proprietary customisation were abundantly asked, lanyard suppliers in Malaysia fueled findings that branding, or corporate identity emphasis were very much needed to excite mutual growth.

    In the case of the woven polyester lanyard, a uniform length of 900mm are consistently produced - which is referenced to the average head size-to-garment accessories wearable, as well as easily equipping the neck strap found. And with a synthetic polymer serving as the laniard's base property, the spun fabric is innately water-resistant against the daily drench itself. This prevents mold growth - just as the woven polyester lanyard is hydrophobic in organic material stance, and is also easily washed in order to remove stains.

    In other customisable options available includes 20mm or 25mm as width options, that a good note found is the more buttress a woven polyester lanyard is, the greater withstanding of a pulling force (heavier object weight) this camera strap has. In another personalisation of custom lanyards are the introduction of buckle attachments. Ranging from full alloy, half metal and plastic buckle availability, this accessory helps to interchange the clamp types or pull reels found.

    This means that a crocodile hook attachment may be interchanged for a phone string, in order to hang the mobile device hands-free while on-the-go. A pull reel may also be included amid approaching a door tagging system, allowing the card holder to be stretched out with having the personnel bending over for an access. But in general, the weight of this woven lanyard is 18g (as a starting point based off a standard length of 20mm - before any tailor-made selections are included), making the polyester-based neck strap notoriously light in weight.

    Custom Printing With The Woven Polyester Lanyard

  • Up to 3 colours of silk screen printing availability
  • Pantone universal colouring chart for branding purposes
  • West Malaysia wide shipping

  • The sole and most important customisation for a company lanyard - which is used for physical marketing, is the brand printing for proprietary recognition. With up to 3 available colours found, this completes the identity profile that aids to reminisce the woven polyester lanyard to a corporate. In other examples coming across - as seen by this neck strap supplier after years of enterprising, custom printing may also be conducted for reasons occupying campaigning purposes.

    Silk screen printing (also known as serigraphy) is the sole method of hue and logo stamping found for the woven polyester lanyard, which lasts evidently longer than its sublimation counterpart. Through this blessing is also the addition of pantone universal colouring chart, which enables the hue matching system for accurate marketing colourisation.

    The administrator seeking personalised engraving may propose ideations found, which is then cross-referenced and liased back by UDesignConcept for the development of a set of proprietary woven polyester lanyards. Sketches or screen printing lanyard mockup may also be sent, in order to provide a clearer impression of how the neck strap designing should be done. Likewise, our internal laniard specialist of a designer may create an illustrated sample, in which it must be finalised before mapping onto the camera strap itself.
    Weight (In Grams) 18g (Based Off 20mm As A Standard Size)
    Dimensions (Length x Width) 900mm Length x 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Body Material Polyester & Woven Fabric Material
    Snap Hook Type(s) Standard Metal Hook / Crocodile Hook / J Hook / Oval Hook / Slide Hook / Phone String / Pull Reel
    Attachment(s) Customisable Options (Buckle Attachment, Chooseable Snap Hooks, & Card Holder Types)
    Buckle Attachment Type(s) Full Metal / Half Metal / Plastic Detachable Buckle
    Card Holder Option(s) Lanyard Tag / PU (Polyurethane) Leather / Transparent Plastic / Transparent PVC / Rigid Card Holder
    Printing Method Silk Screen Printing (Up To 3 Colours Only)
    Colour(s) Availability A Wide Selectable Range Of The Pantone Colour Matching System (Longer Lead Time Is Needed Should The Selected Colour Is Found Not In Stock!)