Reflective Polyester Lanyard
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Reflective Polyester Lanyard

SKU: AW0408


  • 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
  • Water-Resistant, 900mm Length Polyester Fabric Material
  • Customisable Attachment Options:-
    - Buckle / Snap Hook / Pull Reel / Card Holder Attachments
  • One-Sided, Monochrome Silk Screen Printing Method Only
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     18 Sep 2015
    A highly reflective ribbon is bonded to a base polyester lanyard ensuring that the wearer is seen at night. An excellent choice for security firms or events occurring at night.
    Weight (In Grams) 18g (Based Off 20mm Width As A Standard Size)
    Body Material Polyester Fabric Material With Reflective Coating
    Dimensions (mm) (Length x Width) 900mm Length x 15mm / 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Attachment(s) Customisable Options (Buckle Attachment, Chooseable Snap Hooks, Pull Reel & Card Holder Types)
    Buckle Attachment Type(s) Full Metal / Half Metal / Plastic Detachable Buckle
    Snap Hook Type(s) Standard Metal Hook / Crocodile Hook / J Hook / Oval Hook / Slide Hook / Phone String
    Card Holder Option(s) Lanyard Tag / PU (Polyurethane) Leather / Transparent Plastic / Transparent PVC / Rigid Card Holder
    Colour(s) Available A Wide Selectable Range Of The Pantone Colour Matching System
    Printing Method Monochrome Silk Screen Printing (One-Sided Only)