Nexus Stylus Ball Pen #2110
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Nexus Stylus Ball Pen

SKU: PN0201


  • Black Ink
  • Slim Refill Compatible
  • Twist-Action Ballpoint Tip Opening
  • Passive (Capacitive) Stylus Rear
  • Plastic Construct With Metallic Surface Finishing

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

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    Multi-Function Pen
     22 Jul 2022
    Multi-Function Pen
     04 Dec 2019
    With a plastic barrel used in the design of the Nexus multi-tool pen, the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of this biro kept a material emphasis for cost-efficiency. This was in line with the thought of end users, the writers, breezing through for a purchase - out of the pens of stationary section, and finding that a ballpoint pen that seem so luxuriously built, the Nexus EDC pen stands out because of its lustrous design upon first stumble.

    Multipurpose Built

    Fashion this into your grip. It looks so simple, but bear in mind that the Nexus is multi-functional; with a passive stylus on the rear and a ballpoint tip on the opposite. Students and teachers behind the education line can make routine and repeated use, and this is done so by swiping through tablets and signing off online documents, or make creative sentences off the black ink it produced. In the professional sector, attach this pen into your shirt pocket with its clip in preparation of convenience - by outbound travels or daily carry to note the demands of the corporate world.

    Twist-Action For Pen Writing Tip

    There may be writing instruments that are retractable and there may be ballpoint pens that are closed with a cap, but the Nexus features a twist open execution that reveals the pointed tip. All in the confines of design simplicity, maximised by genuine functions. Simply twist the top half of its barrel clockwise right before creating your paragraphs and turn counterclockwise to keep the inked tip hidden. The Nexus is more than how it looks.

    1.0mm Nib Size Slim Refill

    When repeated writings end up with an exhausted cartridge, the Nexus Stylus Ball Pen (2110) can be reused by replacing the inner ink chamber. A recommended black ink refill under the size of 14.5cm should be used to maintain the former standard, paving way for the economical savvy, delicate user that has become accustom to this promotional pen.

    A Premium Gift in Malaysia

    Given a metallic surface finishing that bolsters attraction upon sight, the Nexus Stylus Ball Pen works wonders when it's handed as a minor corporate sourvenir. More personalisations is introduced - as signature engravings of a company via ultraviolet (UV) or pad printing is available, this is paired with the choosability of gift boxes that memorialise any given rite of passages.
    Product Weight (Pen Only) 10g
    Dimension (mm) (Length x Height) 145mm Length x 9mm Height
    Nib Size (mm) 1.0mm
    Ink / Refill Colour Black Colour
    Ink Type Ballpoint
    Surface Finishing Metallic
    Tip Opening Twist-Action
    Base Material Plastic
    Classification Multi-Functional Pen
    Product Code (SKU) 2110
    Refill Type Slim Refill Compatible
    Stylus Type Passive / Capacitive Stylus