Sublime Stylus Ball Pen
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Sublime Stylus Ball Pen

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  • Black Ink
  • Plastic slim ball refill with Push clip
  • Touch screen stylus
  • Metal Construct With Aluminium Matt Surface Finishing
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    A pen is only versatile towards the writing niche, carrying the possibility to make signals and signs, jot down scribbles and make quick points out of important conversations. All within the dilemma of a modern world that papers and notes might seem out of date, and an important fact that pen designers have looked keenly into. Knowing that electronics are now an everyday foundation, the traditional writing instrument is made with an added use out of its function, turning into the now multipurpose Capacitive Stylus-Ball Pen known as the Sublime. Ready for versatile paper wording, sketching, swiping and signing your signature off touch screens.
    The Sublimec Stylus Ballpoint Pen is to be used for the urban carry, internet-oriented crowds. Serving best as a handy premium corporate gift, this is designed with a pocket clip found in its rear - ensuring safer travel as you store and go. As mentioned of its readiness, each end of this pen features an objective use; phrase construction with a ballpoint tip as a head, and a passive stylus rear for tablet and smartphones' navigation purposes.
    Dimension (mm) (Length x Height) 142mm Length x 10mm Height
    Product Weight (Pen Only) 18g
    Ink / Refill Colour Black Colour
    Nib Size (mm) 1.0mm
    Base Material Metal
    Classification Multi-Functional Pen
    Ink Type Ballpoint
    Stylus Type Passive / Capacitive Stylus
    Surface Finishing Solid Matt
    Tip Opening Push clip