N03A Non Woven Bag - A3
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N03A Non Woven Bag - A3

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  • 35cm Width x 35cm Height x 10cm Diameter Size
  • 50cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • Non Woven Bag Printing Available
  • Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
  • Kindly contact our sales representative for the pricing details.

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    In the necessity of special occasions, the N03A Non Woven Bag - A3 is ready to be given as a corporate gift; an honoured souvenir to the participation of a contest commending the bravery, dedication and achievement of any individual in the process of conduct. The eco bag was developed to a controlled A3 size that stands to the dimensions of 35cm (length and height), while having a 10cm diameter for a spacious keeping that allows safe storage of the awarded prize within.

    Lightweight categorised of 90GSM non-woven fabric metric makes up for the material of this recycle bag, the N03A reaches the industrial standard that can withstand a load of up to 10 kilograms. Choosable over various colour options that makes a goody bag vividly seen, the 'paper thin-like' material can be held perfectly cool under a hot weather. The N03A Non-Woven Bag features a heightened durability that is all to thank the foundation of recyclable thermoplastic non-woven polypropylene, thrusting a call for a greener future by promoting continuous use.

    Non Woven Bag With Ultrasonic Finishing

    Within all productions of N03A, our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) uses an ultrasonic application that clears fraying as it trims and cuts the fabric for individual non-woven bags. This makes a clean and concise edge that seems luxuriously made; without inconsistencies that is found like those of manual or labourous operation. All handles found in N03A Non-Woven Bags are also sealed by the same cycle of heat that is developed off the stable, high frequency sounds, which makes the eco bag tightly bond for heavier carry and long-lasting use.

    Non Woven Bag Printing

    As part of the promotional gifts found in UDesignConcept, a corporate's logo can be printed on the N03A for a mobile ad. Your slogan can be placed in the same way, showcasing the theme that which your corporate strives for. All brandings will be mechanically added that will serve as templates to ensure consistency - as seen being a non woven bag supplier in Malaysia.
    Finishing Ultrasonic
    Handle length 500mm
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Product size 350mm x 350mm x 100mm
    Weight 50g