N01A Non Woven Bag - A4
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N01A Non Woven Bag - A4

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  • 28cm Width x 33cm Height x 8cm Diameter Size
  • 44cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • Non Woven Bag Printing Available
  • Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
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    Simplicity is the theme, a choice by lifestyle that is centered into this non-woven bag. The development behind the N01A draws to a minimalistic way - an art of carry that promotes a corporate gift of what is necessary to be bagged and takes out what is not; it is a directness of an eco bag with the ease of sizing that will not take space, or, for the thought of environmental conscious this is used as a recycle bag that can also present a small premium gift.

    Yet behind the N01A Non Woven Bag is a strict of quality that can handle a weight of up to 10 kilograms, and this is because of an introduction of non-woven polypropylene that makes up its fabric. 90GSM of commercial material density spells for quality thickness - where the receiver upon use may see why such a small non-woven bag can be loaded heavily.

    With the flexibility of a slender design, the N01A goody bag can be folded further to save even more space; and likewise, it may also be opened up to its physical limit of 28cm width by 33cm height. For a portable fit, the N01A expands to a capped of 8cm diameter which fulfils the aforementioned corporate gifts. Understanding the dimensional structures and sizing guide of any non-woven bags is equally important in order to fit your complementary prizes, and in N01A's case, this non-woven bag is A4 in supply reference size.

    A Goodie Bag With An Ultrasonic Finishing

    Mass scale factory original equipment manufacturing (OEM) production has made a tumultuous shift in quality control. With machines that define a uniform produce, the N01A non-woven bag is maintained without fray nor torn edges found. An ultrasonic finishing— by mechanical work that generates consistent high frequency sounds tightly bonds the thermoplastic polypropylene in order to produce the said polish.

    Printing With Non-Woven Bag

    Being a non-woven bag supplier in Malaysia, UDesignConcept features a front and back printing options with the N01A. The theme of your marketing cycle may be included, drawing the result of participation - and what your corporate worked objectively for.
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Colour available Black, White, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Magenta, Red, Green, Cyan, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Purple
    Product size 280mm x 330mm x 80mm
    Weight 50g
    Finishing Ultrasonic
    Handle length 440mm