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RFID Fabric Wristband
LED Silicone Wristband
RFID Cotton Wristband
RFID Adjustable Wristband
LED Nylon Wristband With Controller
RFID Bamboo Wristband

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Fabric Polyester Wristband
Fabric Elastic Wristband
Vinyl PVC Wristband
Paper Liner Wristband
Silicone Slap Wristband
PU Leather Wristband

Custom Made Wristbands Malaysia | Wristband Supplier KL
There are many types of wristband and common use as promotional door gifts in the Malaysia market. UDesignconcept is a promotional wristband supplier and wholesale based in Malaysia, we have a variety of wristbands such as Silicone Wristband, Tyvek Paper Wristband, Fabric Wristband, PVC Wristband, RFID Wristband, and etc. All the wristband can be customized based on the size, colors, shape, material and many more. The wristband also known as bracelet most often used to promote a business and help with marketing branding. Many non-profit organizations in every country use a wristband to raise awareness, fund or help promote a cause. The wristband can be used in an event like birthday party, graduation ceremony, tradeshow, conferences, music party, and etc.