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Metal PenView all

Mont Metal Pen
Chille Metal Ball Pen
Hill Metal Ball Pen
Chaze Metal Pen
Douste Metal Ball Pen
Prime Metal Roller Pen

Multi-Function PenView all

Darts Highlighter & Metal Ball Pen
Jacob Ball Pen with Smartphone Stand
Puppet Stylus Ball Pen With Screen Cleaner
Leader Stylus Ball Pen
Cycle Stylus Ball Pen with LED Light
Supreme Stylus Ball Gel Pen with LED & Laser Point

Plastic PenView all

Oasis Plastic Ball Pen
Speed Plastic Ball Pen
Sime Plastic Ball Pen
Aqua Plastic Ball Pen
Surf Plastic Gel Pen
Genesis Plastic Ball Pen

Pens Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia
UDesignconcept is a premium and corporate gifts supplier based in Malaysia, supplying gifts for our valued customers. Our supplies are mostly used in corporate events, meetings, anniversary gifts, door gifts or for other branding purposes. At UDesignconcept, we also supply custom design pen such as metal pen, plastic pen, and multi-function pen. Our printing methods incorporate the latest printing technologies such as pad printing, laser engrave, UV printing and etc.