Lanyard Supplier KL Malaysia
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LED Lanyard
Polyester Lanyard
Aluminium Tag Lanyard
Charging Cable Lanyard
Glow-In-The-Dark Lanyard
Heat Transfer Printing Lanyard (Sublimation)
Nylon Lanyard
Ready-Made Nylon Lanyard
Reflective Polyester Lanyard
Satin Polyester Lanyard
Tubular Lanyard
Woven Lanyard
Woven Polyester Lanyard

Lanyard Supplier KL Malaysia
One of the most effective ways of establishing your company name is through using lanyards. A custom printed lanyard together with an employee ID card is one of the most common uses of lanyards. A lanyard supplier in KL, Malaysia, Udesignconcept strives to supply lanyards that offer more. Integrating functionality, we supply different lanyards that are designed to be used in many different occasions and events. Udesignconcept supplies glow-in-the-dark lanyards, reflective lanyards, LED lanyards and more. You can even choose the lanyard materials such as satin, polyester, nylon etc. Stand out from others with your own unique set of lanyard accessories such as hooks and cardholders. Our sheer customizability makes us the lanyard supplier in KL, Malaysia to look for.