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Bag Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia

BackpackView all

Catto Laptop Backpack
Stream Backpack
Froggle Backpack
Capco Backpack
Rectop Laptop Backpack
Dodo Laptop Backpack

Document BagView all

Retd Laptop Document Bag
Colliner Laptop Document Bag
Dolli Laptop Document Bag
Doppe Laptop Document Bag
Milliner Laptop Document Bag

Multipurpose BagView all

Pippes Multipurpose Bag
Foldable Shopping Bag
Basic Multipurpose Bag
Shapen Multipurpose Cooler / Warmer Bag
Foldable Storage Box (Small)
Oxford Cooler Bag

Non Woven & Canvas BagView all

A4 Canvas Bag (Without Base)
A3 Heat Press Non Woven Bag
A3 Non Woven Bag (Square)
A3 Non Woven Bag (Rectangle)
A4 Canvas Bag
A3 Felt Bag

Shoes BagView all

Cirro Shoe Bag
Basic Shoe Bag
Toppo Shoe Bag
Nocco Shoe Bag
Foldable Shoe Bag

Sling BagView all

Nylon Drawstring Bag
Tedro Sling Bag
Ussare Sling Bag
Binnes Sling Bag
Lista Sling Bag
Polyester Drawstring Bag

Toiletries BagView all

Squarex Toiletries Bag
Expand Toiletries Bag
Handi Multipurpose Bag
Zipee Toiletries Bag
3 in 1 Toiletries Bag
Hoop Toiletries Bag

Traveling BagView all

Dalline Travel Bag
Duffel Bag
Vick Travel Bag
Tirro Travel Bag
Pose Travel Bag

Trolley Luggage BagView all

Verdal Trolley Luggage Bag
Leaffe Trolley Luggage Bag
Ezzy Trolley Backpack Bag

Waterproof BagView all

PVC Waterproof Dry Bag 10L
PVC Waterproof Dry Bag 5L

Bag Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia
Our Bag Accessories allow you to customize the aesthetic of your handbags or purse bags, making them desirable and recognizable. We also provide personalization services. You can engrave or print custom logos to create a unique design. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our products!