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Travel Merchandises

Luggage BeltView all

Luggage Belt with TSA Lock
Luggage Belt with Weighing Scale

Luggage ScaleView all

Tune Luggage Scale
Lite Luggage Scale
Crane Luggage Scale
Stainless Steel Luggage Scale

Luggage TagView all

Metal Luggage Tag
Customise PVC Luggage Tag

Luggage TSA LockView all

Metal TSA Lock
Metal TSA Padlock

Medical KitView all

Portable First Aid Kit
Oval First Aid Kit
Fewell First Aid Kit
Recovery First Aid Kit

Passport HolderView all

Leather Passport Holder
PU Leather Passport Slot Holder
RFID Blocking Passport Holder
PVC Passport Holder

Travel AdaptorView all

Tube Travel Adapter
Classic Travel Adapter
Multi-functional Travel Adapter
Illumination Travel Adapter

Travel Comfort KitView all

Microfiber Travel Blanket
Ease Travel Pillow
Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow
Comfy Travel Neck Pillow
Dream Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Merchandises Supplier
UDesignconcept is the most trusted travel merchandise supplier & wholesaler in Malaysia. Our company supplies various travel merchandises such as Luggage Belt, Luggage Scale, Luggage Tag, Luggage TSA Lock, Medical Kit, Travel Adaptor, and Travel Comfort Kit. Our company is also the most sought for among travel agencies looking for quality yet affordable travel merchandises. Customized logo printing is available for your company’s branding purposes. Get in touch with us now for more information.