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Promotional Wristband

Paper Liner Wristband
3R Wristband
Bamboo Wristband
Compound PVC Wristband
Cotton Wristband
Fabric Elastic Wristband
Fabric Polyester Wristband
Fabric Satin Wristband
Fabric Woven Wristband
Holographic PVC Wristband
PU Leather Wristband
Ready-Made Tyvek Wristband
Silicone Slap Wristband
Silicone Wristband (Custom)
Silicone Wristband (Ready Made)
Transparent Liner Wristband
Tyvek Wristband
Vinyl PVC Wristband

Promotional Wristband Supplier
Our Promotional Wristband is the perfect product to manage and track the safety of your event participants. UDesignconcept provides customized printing by using technologies such as Laser Engrave, Serial Number Printing, Full Color Printing and etc. Our promotional wristband which includes Tyvek Wristband is 100% waterproof. Contact us at UDesignconcept now to get in touch with a reliable promotional wristband supplier & wholesaler in Malaysia.