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Awesome Gifts

Bag AccessoriesView all

Foldable Bag Hanger

Bottle OpenerView all

T-Shape Bottle Opener
Card Bottle Opener
Stainless Steel Automatic Bottle Opener

ClockView all

Silicone Table Clock
Round Wall Clock

CoasterView all

Hardboard Coaster
LED Coaster
Paper Coaster
Stainless Steel Coaster
Marble Coaster

Coin BoxView all

Electronic Coin Box
Plastic Coin Box

FanView all

Pen Size Mini Fan
PP Hand Fan

Fidget GadgetView all

LED Fidget Spinner
Fidget Cube
Fidget Mokuru
Fidget Spinner
Fidget Moondrop

Fridge MagnetView all

Aluminium Fridge Magnet
PVC Fridge Magnet

Key ChainView all

LED Logo Keychain
Fabric Embroidery Keychain
PVC Keychain
Acrylic Keychain
Silicone Keychain
3 in 1 Keychain

Microfiber Screen CleanerView all

Microfiber Mobile Screen Cleaner
Microfiber Screen Cleaner In Pouch
Microfiber Detergent Screen Cleaning

Mouse PadView all

Wireless Charging Mousepad
Large Gaming Mouse Pad
Wrist Rest Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad

Non Slip MatView all

Magic Car Dashboard Anti Slip Sticky Pad
Car Dashboard Anti Slip Mat
Anti Slip Dashboard Washable Gel Pad

OthersView all

Scratchable Poster
Silicone Bottle Holder
Kinetic Table Vacuum
LCD Sketchpad
Exclusive Gift Set
Bamboo Charcoal Purifier Bags

Party ItemsView all

Mini Flag
Plastic Whistle
LED Party Foam Stick
Aluminium Whistle
Party LED Glow Stick
Party Hand Clapper

Portable Torch LightView all

Neo Waterproof Diving Head Light
Neo Waterproof Torch Light
Mini LED Torch Light
Escape Torch Light

Stress Release ItemsView all

Heart Shape Stress Release Ball
Stress Release Ball
Cute Vomit Egg Yolk Toy

TissueView all

Pocket Tissue

Tool KitView all

Multi-function Pocket Knife Tool
Card Size Tools

ToyView all

Teddy Bear Plush Soft Toy
Magic Inductive Truck Toy
Wood Intelligence Jigsaw
Customise Corporate Mascot Toy

Awesome Gifts Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia
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