Genius LED-Ball Pen With Stylus Cap #942B
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Genius LED-Ball Pen With Stylus Cap

SKU: PN0211


  • Black Ink
  • Slim Refill Compatible
  • Pen Cap Removal With Capacitive Stylus Function
  • LED Illumination Pen Rear
  • Metal Construct With Metallic Surface Finishing

  • *This Pen Is Replaceable When The Ink Is Found Dried Upon Purchase!

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    Multi-Function Pen
     18 Dec 2019
    The Genius was bred for the ultimate tasking of daily adversities. It can be under the contingency to take immediate notes, past dark reading a few lines of text, or even scrolling the touchpad with its passive stylus cap. Whichever the urban use reason, the brainiacs behind this multi-tool pen were truly geniuses.

    That can be emphasised and said when combining the multi-purpose functions into a pen was truly a difficult task. A lot of concepts and thoughts were put forward into the design table. And knowing what is especially important in today's living - and understanding the stafu that makes an everyday carry (EDC) to prepare for were main objectives behind the Genius LED-Ball Pen With Stylus Cap.

    Pen Cap Removal

    Featuring a cap to conceal the ballpoint tip in preventing unnecessary leakage of the ink, a thoughtful pocket clip was further added to enhance portability. This makes sure your writing instrument stays put while on the move, where the tip of the cap is a capacitive stylus that functions to sign signatures on tablets. The Genius Biro (942B) is everything of the classic pen - with a revamped introduction for diverse functionality. Using a 1.00mm nib size of a black coloured ink, emptied cartridges can be replaced with a slim refill.

    A Corporate Souvenir By Pen Printing

    The Genius is still a gift merchandise with custom pen printing - despite being an EDC (or Everyday Carry). This can be engraved by ultraviolet (UV), or through pad printing that makes a visible branding upon held, with gift box choices that may be presented to award employees, or partnership. Those that have received this pen, vicinity influence and cheering for knows a real Genius is at hand.
    Product Weight (Pen Only) 20.7g
    Dimension (mm) (Length x Height) 130mm Length x 10mm Height
    Nib Size (mm) 1.0mm
    Ink / Refill Colour Black Colour
    Ink Type Ballpoint
    Surface Finishing Metallic
    Tip Opening Pen Cap
    Base Material Metal
    Classification Multi-Functional Pen
    Product Code (SKU) 942B
    Refill Type Slim Refill Compatible
    Bulb Type LED
    Stylus Type Passive / Capacitive Stylus