Custom Shaped USB Flash Drive
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Custom Shaped USB Flash Drive

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  • Capacity Options:
    - 1GB / 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
  • USB 2.0 Connector Type
  • Transfer Speed:
    - 15 - 20 mbs/min Read Speed
    - 5 - 8 mbs/min Write Speed
  • More Than 100,000x Erase Cycle
  • 8 Years And Above Data Retention
  • Operating System Compatibility:
    - Android 4.0+, Windows 10/8/7/XP/2000, MAC OS10.3.x, Linux 2.6.x

    *A One-Year Full Warranty Is Available Upon Purchase!

    *The Final Pricing Will Be Based On The End Sizing!

    *43mm Length x 23mm Width x 10mm Height Approximate Sizes.

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    In the race of everyday carry technology for the convenience of urbanised tasking, the incite of functionality has been explored, worked on and improvised. Out there is the myriad of gadgetries supplementing these innovative changes, turning electronics now even smaller for portability efforts amid the various use across age groups. That exploration was seen within the mechanics of data storage, ones that scientists tackled thoroughly through and through; that found in the past the common of laptop to the now working of removable disks, and this in turn, led the creation of custom shaped USB flash drives to be carried in the pocket for on-the-move transfer.

    This is known to be customisable in shape - because of the honour that Malaysian flash drive manufacturers would do in personalising your memory stick, which becomes a proprietary invention and can be gifted as a form of souvenir, and this is cherished for as long as the storage usage is to come in the remembrance of the company culture. In that instance of a tailor-making a USB drive, all development of the conductor memory will be housed under a PVC body, under the consideration of using polyvinyl chloride because of the watertight nature that plastic property is known for - and that is used for the protection of the alloy it would conceal, making robustness that shelfs the storage device for long-term use.

    Amid the sizeable storage options that is available within the custom shaped flash drive, a noteworthy take is that regardless of the gigabyte capacity chosen, the flash memory remains the same in diameter length. Within UDesignConcept's findings, often that the orders is centred towards the larger capacity of 64GB when it's in-house use, while 1GB to 16GB was found modestly given as a form of diplomatic gift.

    Conventionally, all proprietary developed custom-made travel drive remains somewhat in a built size of 43mm length by 23mm width to 10mm height, and this is entirely dependent on the DIY design offered by the corporate personnel. Yet one of the biggest, most strange interest uniquely present in Asia is the series of novelty and character thumb drives that are highly favoured. And more so preferred than any branded jump drive forms, the casual interest of novelty flash stick was found promoting the popularity of a local event - as the design is geared towards the theme. Take this for example:-

    - Character-based gig sticks tend to be developed in mirroring the ever-fancied anime shows, which are portrayed and designed into the otaku or chibi-like artwork.

    - On the other hand, custom pen drives crafted out of any submitted illustrations are often in the portrait of the agenda an enterprise represents.

    Custom Pen Drive In Seasonal Campaigns

  • Customisable sizing based on submitted design
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material
  • One-year full warranty

  • All promotional intent behind customisable jump drives may invoke a returning interest of producing a limited edition-based collectable merchandise that goes on for seasonal or yearly basis. This very notion of assigning personalised thumb drives becomes a public identity that is related to a corporate event, in which variant production of the custom shaped USB flash drives may be introduced to respect the subsequent event hosting.

    Yet within a private audience reach, personalised flash memories may be awarded to officers serving. This becomes a token of gratitude in which the EDC storage device would continue to help proliferate the work flow of the corporate personnel, while on the flip side is the academic industry that has seen similar routine of gifting high achievers and student-contributors. Inscribed with a logo that represents the school, file and data storage may be conducted that can supplement the studying journey for years to come. It's also worth mentioning that the administrator seeking B2B supplies of USB flash drives may have seen year-to-year batch of custom engravings.

    Memory Stick Compatibility With Operating Systems

    The custom shaped USB flash drive may be synced onto a wide range of operating systems, and that list is summarised below:-

    - Android 4.0+
    - Windows 10/8/7/XP/2000
    - Mac OS10.3.x
    - Linux 2.6.x

    This was enabled by using a USB 2.0 connecting type, which was thoughtfully implemented by thumb drive manufacturers to allow general use across older electronic devices found. However, in the current phase of modernisation, USB 3.0 ports have been introduced for quicker transfer speed between the gadgetry, while still also offering the 'backward compatibility' function that accepts 2.0 Universal Serial Bus as an adapting flexibility.

    Each personalised thumb drive of the DIY submission utilises a modest transfer speed that is efficient enough to retrieve information located within the filing system, under the setting of 15-20 mbs/min read speed that opens the data within, with a 5-8 mbs/min write speed availability if an upload or backup is needed to be inserted into the semiconductor memory. As a stress-testing benchmark, the NAND chip retains a lengthy cycle of 100,000x erase capacity - long enough for an occasional usage in file transfer, before the inevitable expiry of the memory stick. This duration of use coincides with an estimate of up to 8 years and beyond of data retention, yet with any defect found during the receiving of the gig stick, an immediate replacement or repair will be conducted - a service that this pen drive supplier would do to remain B2B-oriented competitive.

    2D Textured Printing With Pen Drive Supplier

    All gigabyte capacity variations found in the custom shaped USB flash drives will be evenly printed with 2D layering. An automated machinery will be used to translate the illustration from the software and into the gig stick with a detector, under a design that may be self-created or sought out as a service with suggestive cues and to be liased with our end.

    The introduction of a printer's detector is mandatory to identify and map the design onto the custom-made memory sticks, which comes about in different sizes and even complex shape. In seeking to personalise a corporate gift with a pen drive supplier, a notice beforehand is given to inform of the measurements needed before stamping. This notice is provided to let know that as the engravings cannot be undone once it's marked onto a flash drive, all creative must be finalised before the eventual 2D textured printing.

    Each artwork features up to at least one to four colours, utilising a positioning that may include a corporate logo for branding purposes. The more complex a design is, the higher the pricing will be for the supplying of jump drives.
    Material PVC
    Weight ~16g
    Product size Customise, price quoted base on size 43mm x 23mm x 10mm
    Capacity 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
    Warranty 1 Year
    Erase Cycle More than 100,000 times
    Data Retention More than 8 Years
    Operation System Android 4.0+, Windows 10/8/7/XP/2000, MAC OS10.3.x, Linux 2.6.x
    Transmission Rate Read 15-20mbs/Min, Write 5-8mbs/Min