N22 Pocket Foldable Non Woven Bag - A3
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N22 Pocket Foldable Non Woven Bag - A3

SKU: BG0126


  • 35cm Width x 35cm Height x 10cm Diameter Bag Size
  • 15cm Width x 10cm Height Pocket Size
  • Pocket Closure Type:
    - Button Snap
  • 50cm Handle
  • 90GSM Non-Woven Material Density
  • Non Woven Printing Available
  • Stitch & Ultrasonic Finishing
  • Max 10kg Load Capacity
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    Non Woven & Canvas Bag
     22 Feb 2024
    When an enterprise is gifting sourvenirs, rejoice - for what it can be remembered, but also functional, at the very best.

    This is the result of N22 recycle bag - that was built in the efforts to endeavour routine taking, as well as multipurpose in conduct. Customisable colour choosing allows a branding specific to your company's campaign, the non-woven 'thermoplastic polypropylene' was taken into account amid the role of recycle power - as well as long-lasting strength. Up to 10 kilograms of insert can be lifted as an outcome.

    And downplaying the sizing role, the N22 eco bag was built into specifics of 35cm width by 35cm height - with a fixed diameter of 10cm in light of bagging corporate gifts. In any non-woven bag supplier's term, these measurements may be coined in to the definition of 'A3', or an industry category for sizings.

    Foldable Pocket Design

    The uniqueness behind every N22 non-woven bags is its feature that allows foldable action. This means that it can be kept into your pocket when unused - resulting in easier carry when out and about.

    Upon the N22 pocket is folded, the sizing translation comes to a length of 15cm by 10cm height. All recycle bag printing can be found on the surface of this pocket, that in turn, can be held on hand that showcases your corporate identity. A button snap closure secures the inners and your belongings upon use.

    Piping Sewn Finish With Ultrasonic Fused Handle

    As a recycle bag supplier, the N22 Non Woven Bag is produced in stringent quality. And this is conducted by automation that offers the strictest, controlled standard - all from the start of development. 90GSM of fabric density was chosen for its lightweight and cooling benefits.

    High-frequency vibrations, or ultrasonic fast oscillations was the method used in conducting the cut, eliminating frays or torn handling the polypropylene textile. In another use, the heat generated as a result of the speed also helps to fuse by melting the 50cm thermoplastic handle onto its body.

    Finishing piping is found within the N22 Pocket Foldable Non Woven Bag - A3 that reinforces a class of luxury, and this is sewn shut for enhanced use.

    N22 Non-Woven Bag Printing Availability

    Both front and end of this eco bag's pocket may be custom printed according to an organization, or conglomerate's name.
    Material Non Woven 90gsm
    Colour available Light Pink, Magenta, Red, Green, Milo Green, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Purple, Maroon, Beige, White, Grey, Black
    Weight 50g
    Button Black or White
    Finishing Stitch & Ultrasonic
    Product size 350mm x 350mm x 100mm
    Handle length 500mm