Tyvek Wristband
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Tyvek Wristband

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  • Multiple Dyes Available (View Our Colour Chart Here)
  • 20mm / 25mm Sizing Options
  • Black / CMYK Printing Methods Only
  • QR Code / Tearable Serial Number Add-Ons
  • Waterproof & Eco-Friendly Tyvek Paper Material

  • *This Paper Wristband Is Non-Transferable Of One-Time Usage Only!

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    The implications of Tyvek has been vast— once a synthetic material discovered by DuPont company of chemical manufacturing, this spread towards personal protective equipment (PPE), house wraps, fashion and even into personal use. But in that instance of commercialisation, an unorthodox outcome brought proliferate application within the events and concert scene; the portraying of tyvek wristband was found to keep guests in-check and put party crashers out, it became a ticket to the entrance of VIP events; the disposable bracelet would and could be used for in-house games that separates the teams, bearing different colours found in the armband that would define the personnel whose club he/she is affiliated with; the tyvek armlet became a logo symbolised for a cause, supported by individuals that wore proudly for its movement that has - and will always sprout further.

    That shed of progress has seen light within the landscape of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Lying within the biosphere of corporate gifting, using tyvek wristband in Malaysia is all too common. And this gets crafty as applying printing technology and functionality goes hand-in-hand, making bracelet customisable according to specific needs and design. The custom bracelet mentioned is the exact counterpart of silicone wristbands, that on one hand, using the tyvek on a person's wrist is always present within corporate events and the other (silicone wristband) is often associated with charitable campaigns.

    History & Development Of Custom Wristband

  • Also known as a 'paper wristband'
  • Developed under the usage of flashspun, high-density polyethylene fibres (HDPE)
  • 100% eco-friendly material that are recyclable under disposable setting

  • This began under an incident of DuPont's researcher that noticed an uncanny fluff later known to be 'polyethylene', the HDPE fibres possesses an enduring fabric strength after it was found spun at high velocities. Two variations can be found:

    1) Hard Tyvek
    2) Soft Tyvek

    Through its different grading properties found as a plastic material, it's also important to know that all custom wristbands made uses the fabric soft iteration of the polyethylene. This understanding drew the synonymous naming of tyvek bracelets being mentioned as 'paper wristbands' across Malaysia, for its distinctive organic property that feels paper-like and yet it's not!

    Likewise, as with any applicable plastics that are organically recyclable, the Tyvek follows that route of greener practices. This means that all paper wristbands manufactured is 100% eco-friendly that can be recycled once obsolete, or when the HDPE product is no longer in use, just so it could be redesigned in the effort of reduce and reused for a new purpose. Another relational finding is that the high-density polyethylene fibres (HDPE) is exactly identical in property as found in plastic bottle, with the exception that the Tyvek uses shorter strands instead. Once developed, the custom wristband itself remains bright white in colour as its natural state - without any dyes or printing necessary for a gated entry pass.

    As a form of ticket to MY-based concerts and VIP events, few characteristics that defined the Tyvek into armband usage are listed below:-

    - Cheap production in factory price
    - Waterproof and chemically resistant
    - Tear or puncture resistant

    What began a paradigm change into the usage of paper wristbands was a cost-effective solution that was discovered by wristband suppliers and manufacturers. In the inevitable service for mankind, for the production that would remain cheap in factory pricing while encouraging fundamental tyvek use, the findings led an increased overall application amongst the end users of corporate events. The custom made wristband in that regard—despite printed in different forms of design and hues—promotes waterproof action and chemical resistance that is innately safe for everyday wear.

    Residing within the biggest influence centred to the delivery of tyvek armlets, UDesignConcept - as a wristband supplier, offers two choices that fits the average upper-arm sizes found in Malaysia: 20mm and 25mm overall in band length. When worn, the bangle may be adjusted to fit the wrist appropriately. This is a key note that should be meticulously understood; that upon use, the disposable wristband is non-transferable. It cannot be transferred because of the glue that secures the bangle, as well as the tear or puncture resistance found in the property of the tyvek whenever an attendee puts on the paper wristband for entry purposes.

    Paper Wristband Printing With A Bracelet Supplier

  • Black or CMYK printing methods only
  • QR code scan or tearable serial number options only
  • Tyvek wristband in Malaysia wide shipping

    Choose two available options of HDPE colourisation—black or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key)—that comes with this bracelet supplier for potential imprint. Depending on the selection found, the end pricing of paper wristband printing varies accordingly. This may also be subjected to the sizing of the armlet purchase (as can be seen in the 25mm length option with the CMYK colour), as the larger tyvek wristband dimensions result in high dosage of printing hues needed.

    This is further initiated with a design that can be manually visualized from an enterprise's end, to be sent to this bracelet supplier in order to translate the armband template as a proprietor's corporate gift. As a referential guide, our colouring chart can be used to dictate the hues of your armband. Neon red, silver, blue, gold, green, orange and pink are some of the hues this paper wristband supplier do offer.

    Tapping into our graphical service for a showcase of wristband sample is also provided - depending on the agenda of the administration found. A personnel may submit his/her tyvek wristband template under microsoft word which should comprise of a series of repetitive drawings that are sketched with a company logo within, where it is also advisable to be keeping a soft copy of a paper wristband editor, in which revisions can be conducted manually for the cycles of seasonal campaigns.

    Under request, the corporate administrator may seek free mockups as a reference in order to gain bangle printing inspiration. The latest inception of encrypted technology and identity validation simultaneously allows for QR code scans or 'QR wristbands' that can be chosen for entry passage. Another supplementary option is the addition of tearable serial number; to be used for verification during the gating sequence before entering a concert.

    As UDesignConcept is a B2B supplier of Tyvek wristband in Malaysia, shipping throughout the Western Malaysian states is a benefit by partnering with logistics available.
  • Product Size (mm) (Width) 20mm / 25mm Width Options
    Colour Gray / Red / Purple / Orange / Neon Red / Blue / Lite Purple / Yellow / Gold / Aqua / Silver / Pink / Neon Green / Green / White
    Body Material 100% Eco-Friendly Tyvek Paper (Also Known As 'High-Density High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)')
    Recyclability Yes (Recyclable Plastic)
    Weatherproof / Resistance Waterproof And Tear Resistant
    Functionality Add-Ons QR Code / Tearable Serial Number Add-Ons
    Printing Method Black / CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, And Key) Printing Method
    Product Usage Information Non-Transferable Of One-Time Usage Only