Rilo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 500ml [B2B Only]
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Rilo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 500ml

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  • Red / Blue / Black / Gold Hue Availability
  • Up To 500ml In Storage Capacity
  • Flip-Open Bottle Cap Opener (Drinking Gap Featured)
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body Material; Hard Plastic Headpiece
  • Up To 3 Colours Of Pad Printing Only

  • *This Thermos Maintains 12+- Hours Of Warm/Coldness Only!

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    We’re a long way down from what led the significant chemistry introduction of cryogenic experimentation, and with it, the uncanny invention found off the fringe with the introduction of Dewar flask, which itself is a container of food (or drink) temperature preservation. The Thermos, in which is called today, is the modern iteration that drew tumultuous change in the everyday carry (EDC) and/or travelling regime, as well as drawing about the pinnacle inception of corporate gifting with a thermal bottle variant known as the Rilo stainless steel vacuum flask. But history was not discounted for what begun this breakthrough, in which the late Sir James Dewar was immortalized into factual references (and whose name was also derived to define his Dewar bottle creation) across class 7 of our childhood times, catering to let know that credit must always be given – and that this vacuum insulated branded water bottle has a story of the goodness in people’s hardwork to be shared.

    From the beginning was a laboratory-controlled calorimeter operation, in which the material was not of alloy that made today’s stainless steel vacuum flasks found. Instead, borosilicate glass as a composite material was used to house liquid nitrogen (or even liquid helium) from evaporating out with the original thermal bottle. In that instance of science, the dangerousness of shattering with the Dewar flask was parried by the safeness of testing protocols. Convoying well by observation for mass production – at the aim of improving the public health, the later Thermos LLC founders Reinhold Burger and Albert Aschenbrenner interchanged the double wall into metal–plastic being unable to withstand high temperatures–that are sold as vacuum tumblers readily found today.

    The Rilo stainless steel vacuum flask, part of the tumbler variation aforementioned, is unique in which the thermos has been made to be directly drunk on by featuring a narrow bore (mouth opening) that allows for steady sips of beverages to hydrate one’s body from. This bottle cap style mirrors a similarity from that of a sport bottle, as compared to the usual Thermos found of other iterations, including the 1 litre and even the 5 litre ones that must be poured onto a cup and/or also mug to cherish libation. Based on our observation as a vacuum flask supplier, we're proud to say that this metallic-based thermal bottle is identified to perfectly fit an individual for a few hours of drink, where a liquid storage of tea or Arabic coffee can be sought for during lunch hours – and right before work begins on routine.

    Rilo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask’s Specifications

  • Lightweight 500 millimetre max volume storage capacity
  • Hard polymer bottle cap; robust and impact-enduring alloy housing
  • Mono-coloured, corrosion-resistant thermal bottle
  • Flip-open opening
  • An estimated 12 hours of temperature conservation

  • Finding the very semblance no different across every other thermal bottles, this stainless steel vacuum flask features a secured trap of vacuum that lies in between the double wall, in which the absence of gaseous particles have optimally prevented heat transfer. This causes convection (or conduction of hot and/or cold juices) to be significantly reduced, conserving the warmth (likewise, cool on the beverage’s counterpart) of a Thermos’ stored liquid for up to 12 hours. And upon wash, a user has no way to see this layer of vacuum, and only through the cross section diagram being shared in schools that portrays the inside where it’s trapped can be seen, while also making the thermal flask for what it is.

    For its distinctive bottle cap, the Rilo as a stainless steel vacuum flask features a flip-open iteration that is polymer-made, where complicated molding that includes its orifice can be unveiled once the plastic stopper has been pulled up. Although the thermos headpiece remains a creative combination masterpiece, the insulated bottle displaces the electric-based digital LED screen found across other thermos where temperature reading in Celsius could have been detected; the latter certainly expires with irreplaceable battery over time, making electronic-based thermal flasks obsolete in the long run.

    This complements the stainless steel vacuum flask’s housing, just as the lid remains functional where individuals would place their mouths on the polymer cap, the poor insulation makes the Thermos so that it does not accidentally burn the drinker. In cases of out and about in traversing, a corrosion-durable coating has been painted on each of the vacuum bottle’s order in the attempt to prevent rust, enabling for extended use as the years go by. 500ml small capacity remains adequate for 2-3 hours of a personnel’s rationing, while at the same time is its water bottle designing where it can be secured perfectly on a backpack.

    During washing, the same holds true for the 500ml volume stainless steel vacuum flask where a bottle brush easily reach the thermal bottle’s end, allowing for terrifically easy cleaning unlike those of larger sizing. As a precaution, because of its delicate coating (and potential proprietary printing), the outer is recommended to be lightly rubbed with a sponge instead of a scouring pad, where permanent damage could incur on the Thermos’ surface once used.

    Roll Printing The Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • Up to 3 colours of engraving availability
  • West Malaysia-wide shipping

  • Like the biggest of brands; Starbucks, Tiger, Costco, Funtainer, Stanley and more, the role of personalised engraving helps to promote brand awareness by physical marketing which are taken through travel. Following the abundance of names found, colours like red, pink, blue, green, or even silver can be chosen to fulfill the stainless steel vacuum flask’s corporate logo customised printing. As the thermos ordered as through batch basis, what evenly distributes the creative is due to the uniform production available in the factory manufacturing of thermal flasks.

    Our system of work begins by first finalising the illustration, where it’s sent and then scanned to make the substrate at the intention of personalizing your company’s Thermos. Due to the fixed placement of the substratum, as well as having a machine to guide printing for, the production of all stainless steel vacuum flasks becomes highly consistent with different orders of the same design across time.
    Colour(s) Availabilty Red / Blue / Black / Gold / White / Pink / Turquoise Colours Only
    Bottle Cap Material Hard Plastic (Polymer)
    Bottle Cap Opening Type Fixed Position Flip-Open Bottle Cap Opening
    Coating Type Paint
    Storage Capacity (In Millilitre / ml) 500ml Capped
    Stopper Type Plastic Stopper
    Packaging Recyclable Cardboard Paper Box
    Body Material Stainless Steel
    Printing Method Roll Printing (Up To 3 Colours Only)
    Usage Instruction This Vacuum Flask Can Be Used To Store Liquids For Up To 12 Hours Long Of Warmth/Coldness
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