Rillo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask [B2B Only]
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Rillo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

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  • Rose Gold / Gold / Silver / Blue
  • Up To 600ml Storage Capacity
  • Hard Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Cup Headpiece
  • Anti-Friction Durable Stainless Steel Body Material
  • Mono Ultraviolet Printing, Or Up To 3 Colours Of Pad Engravings

  • *This Thermos Retains Up To 8-12 Hours Of Warm/Coldness!

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    Thermos Flask & Vacuum Flask
     10 Oct 2023
    It’s now sized larger–with a juice tank of 20% increase from the original 500ml in storage volume and drinking capacity–and the bigger means better upon prolonged journeying with the Thermos. The Rillo (with a double ‘L’) is the enlarged successor and a brother-product of a metallic thermal flask that is our small bud, the Rilo, featuring a bottling of 600ml that is secured with a polymer-based headpiece. Smoothly lustrous by design, slim but straighten in anatomy build, this water bottle is reality checked to fit the modern, everyday carry (EDC) crowd.

    Drop in during lunch hour for a coffee or tea refill. Likewise, make quick preparations of a beverage in the kitchen prior to a day start. Whichever of the case, this stainless steel vacuum flask lengthens warmth and/or coolness of drinks to an approximate 12 hours long. With that level of heat and/or cold preservation, we’re proud to say that the industrial benchmark of insulation is now reached – a standard where the Rillo Thermos is found to minimise heat transfer of temperature, and liquid seeps of a hot cup at the brisk of the outdoors is now a comfort make way, or even carry cold refreshment with the stainless steel vacuum flask as a container to lavish on. But one thing stands true, and it’s that the duty to transport and sustain nutriment in ideal conditions is now successful just as the thermal flask is at hand.

    This wouldn’t be at its arrival without the invention from Sir James Dewar, a chemist in the latent discovery of cryogenics who’d house liquefied gas (Nitrogen and some other elements) under a glass of double wall in build. Initially hazardous upon breakage, the soon Dewar flask (the earliest iteration and/or predecessor of the Thermos that was named after the founder) was replaced with metal in material that grew widespread fable and acceptance in end consumer use. For impact resistant the stainless-steel vacuum flask became, and the trapping of emptied space (or vacuum insulated flask) led to the heightened reduction in convection (or conduction) in processing, heat transfer or temperature loss is ultimately minimised as a result of the absence of air particles that would have collided to absorb energy among the walls of the Thermos.

    Rillo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • Plastic handle to be latched with a hook for secured traversing
  • Wide mouth ice insert for cold beverages
  • Paint coating stainless steel for wear-and-tear resilience
  • Bottle locked polypropylene (PP) plastic headpiece that can be used as a cup
  • Palm grip-friendly with 58mm width by 230mm height in dimensions

  • A composite mixture in chemistry, which involves metallic elements to formulate this very alloy that made up the Rillo stainless steel vacuum flask is presented as its housing made the Thermos bottle robust strong. This concept (successfully replacing glass) was introduced by Reinhold Burger, whom alongside Albert Aschenbrenner and Gustav Robert Paalen founded the later Thermos LLC to prevent breakage for everyday living. But advancing ahead into the stature of modernisation brought various development and altogether even more improvements amongst the bottles of insulation found. One of it includes the digital aspect, where the impartment of LED to signal the vacuum bottle’s current Celsius and/or Fehrenheit may be seen, to others the intervention of wide mouth input was brought in among the Thermal flasks were found. And chiefly speaking is this case for this metallical vacuum flask, where consensus in study by water bottle manufacturers and Thermos suppliers found the rise of iced libation were imminent–as seen in bubble tea and shaved dessert–mainly centred in Malaysia (or even Asia), such a consumption was found to complement the already hot weather that has surrounded the equator all throughout the year, and that the vacuum flask could preserve things at its best of food state.

    In the secondary layer, but also the superficial aspect is the inclusion of coloured paint coating to prolong the Thermos use, where rusting can further be prevented. This signals for even more choices – ones of a thermal bottle that come directly from the hues being chosen upon ordering, which may be gold, silver, green, or red that aligns with the corporate buyer’s objective (or branding in this case), making a duality out of the given appearance. Furthermore is an external plastic-based handle can be found on the side, and evidently is its use on the stainless steel vacuum flask to increase fasten security upon travelling, which is in-line in structure where a bottle lock is found to tighten the Thermos’ headpiece.

    The headpiece, once removed from the lock, becomes a functional mini-sized mug that can be poured for hydration anywhere. And being made in polypropylene, the stated cup is purportedly used for its low ability of conduction, so any boiling hot liquids do not burn the hand once held. This is backed by stainless steel vacuum flask’s blueprint of relatively grip-friendly in size, with 58mm width by 230mm height this water bottle can be one-handed held without complications. Moreover, the thoughtful length fits appropriately for any bottle brush to be used to clean the inside if necessary and easily, when compared to the larger 2 litre variant of a Thermos found.

    Personalising Rillo Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • UV laser engraving or up to 3 hues to pad printing only
  • Recyclable box packaging
  • West Malaysia wide shipping only

  • The Rillo stainless steel vacuum flask uses two exceptionally strong types of personalised gifting customisation; one stands with concentrated ultraviolet ray to mark an icon, logo, and/or a short message onto the thermal bottle – just as the Thermos in alloy can resist searing for this to be applied, and the other the transference of pad printing of variable colouring to the Thermos itself. And having this said, a simple proposal is often seen among administrators-in-the-buy, and it’s that the logos can be added further by a year stamp onto the stainless steel vacuum flask to be considered a collection for die-hard fans of reputable brands.

    Other notable importance to be told is that the Rillo Thermos is packaged via paper boxing, as well as being shipped within the Malaysian region only.
    Storage Capacity (In Millilitre / ml) 600ml
    Bottle Cap Opening Type Bottle Locked Bottle Cap
    Bottle Cap Feature(s) Can Be Used Alternatively As A Drinking Cup
    Stopper Type Plastic Stopper
    Body Material Stainless Steel
    Coating Type Paint Coating
    Packaging Recyclable Paper Box Packaging
    Printing Method Ultraviolet (UV), Or Up To 3 Colours Of Roll-To-Roll Pad Printing Only
    Usage Instruction This Vacuum Flask Can Be Used To Store Liquids For Up To 12 Hours Long Of Warmth/Coldness
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