Turve Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 500ml [B2B Only]
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Turve Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 500ml

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  • Multiple Colours Availability
  • Up To 500ml In Storage Capacity
  • Mouth Orifice With A Push Lock Closure Featured
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body Material; Hard Plastic Headpiece
  • Mono Ultraviolet Printing, Or Up To 3 Colours Of Pad Engravings

  • *This Thermos Maintains 12+- Hours Of Warm/Coldness Only!

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    Thermos Flask & Vacuum Flask
     05 Mar 2020
    It was said that creative inspiration is a coming of all corners’ derivation, no different as Thermos was the same, the Dewar flask at cryogenics purpose was found later a commercial potential by Reinhold Burger and Albert Aschenbrenner. This view holds an eccentric insight to which its latter variant, the Turve stainless steel vacuum flask, far distant and into the present of the thermal bottle spinoff has the same, where cues of storing container engineering met its uncanny sense of evolution. That sense of insulated flask innovation came in reference to something mundane, something common where predominantly found is its use in everyday kitchenware and dining appliances. It was the mug or cup being beverage-filled that led to this epiphany–questioning the current implication and functionality of the Thermos, and if it could be any better in functional retrospect than the already available water bottle iteration. Afterall, for a portable thermal flask that was designed for libation convenience on-the-go, why would things be at the need of a teacup to have a drink be poured onto?

    This led the product engineers to the tinkering of existing insulated bottles, but a fine and simplified answer became eminent, and it’s that of an adjustable rim (also known as bore, orifice, or a mouth hole) that should be added onto the stainless steel vacuum flask, altogether making up the Turve, but also holding a set of Thermos attributes that brings:

    1) Airtight Push Lock Closure: A plastic push lock is built to seal off the thermal bottle to prevent oxygenation, and thus so it hinders immediate food and liquid spoilage. Carbonated drinks like coca-cola, or milk tea as available now in today’s trend would not go rancid considering proper tightening. Upon unfastened, the bore can be inserted with one’s mouth to steadily sip the gulps of your drink, or it could be inserted with a plastic straw to enjoy a liquid refreshment the same.

    2) Wide Mouth Thermos: Despite its sleek profile style recognised to suit the fashion of modernity, this stainless steel vacuum flask can be fitted with ice cubes directly from its neck, allowing for hydration in which your refreshment is cooled. This makes washing altogether a breeze, effectively killing two birds with one stone under this well-thought insulated bottle designing.

    3) 12 Hours Estimated Temperature Preservation: The Turve stainless steel vacuum flask has a blueprint that minimizes warmth and/or cold loss, promoting a sense of extended consumable near to its height of the original cooking upon the embark of a journey.

    Turve Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask’s Specifications

  • 500ml storage volume
  • Enlarged vacuum flask’s neck for ergonomically gripping purposes
  • Fitting to all cup holder and one-handed palm holding due to its thoughtful diameter
  • Superficial paint coating amid the prevention of alloy corrosion
  • Packaged in a gifted, recyclable paper box

  • Remembering class 7 in grade, what has defined the Thermos as a revolutionizing agenda where its water bottle types have helped made bolstering adventures much cozier – in terms of its convection (can be interchanged with conduction) reduction is due to the result of the double wall introduction. The section in-between the double walled thermal bottle was sucked out of its air, altogether making a vacuum that aids to prevent heat loss inside. It was this foundation that made all of the stainless steel vacuum flasks today with its remarkable discovery, which was founded by (and to also honour) the late Sir James Dewar, in his bid to study sub-zero chemistry experimentations of liquified gases.

    Once upon a time was the Dewar bottle that was made in glass, the structure void-of-atmospheric-particle was deemed unsafe in terms of commercial business use. The replacement housing was then alloy-made onto the insulated bottle, introducing and subsequently enabling the later Thermos LLC to be in business. Today, storage vessels of all sizes to transport hot food (having soup as an exemplar), to a large container that holds a volume of 2 litre of beverage (or even a family sizing that holds up to 5 litre) is available. But contrary to this, and in the wake of kids as well as corporate gifting – whether for personnel, or meritorious award, the 500ml sized stainless steel vacuum flask like the Turve was realised to complement the singular person.

    Found in the Turve Thermos is that of a headpiece that is enlarged, and its conduct is to prevent hand slippage upon holding it. As this insulated bottle is round, the diameter is smartly developed to fit across all common cup holders and is added by the ergonomic ability to hold in one hand (and considerate enough to be convenient for portability). In addition to this, the long-term usage practicality of this stainless steel vacuum flask is enhanced by a paint coating, in order to resist rust. All forms of Turve flacons supplied by UDesignConcept shall be packaged under a recyclable paper box which is easily and safely disposable for environmentalism purposes.

    Printing The Turve Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • Mono logo ultraviolet (UV) printing, or up to three colours of pad printing availability
  • West Malaysia shipping only

  • In major brands like Stanley, Funtainer, Costco, Contigo, Sistema and more, the administrator would often find personalised engravings that can, and have been used for marketable purposes. To diehard fans of reputable names, the stainless steel vacuum flask is a prize to be collecting trophies for. In this case, the aforementioned thermal bottles can be refined into seasonal skirmishes, where hues or pictorial icons can be altered steadily across time. Locational-specific advertising can also be enforced to push forth loyal customers into seasonal or routine travelling, in order to obtain the Thermos goods.

    As a vacuum flask supplier, the Turve features up to two types of imprinting, which is UV and pad logo customisation. Through ultraviolet light source, the burn marks leave only a singular type of colouring for the logos found, while tampography (pad printing) allows for various hues to be imprinted onto the Thermos. The latter certainly helps in more marketable directions via corporate gifting of insulated flasks. At the moment, the shipping of all thermal bottles is Malaysia-wide only.
    Storage Capacity (In Millilitre / ml) 500ml Capped
    Bottle Cap Feature(s) Mouth Hole (For Straw Insertion And/or Direct Drinking) Availability
    Bottle Cap Opening Type Rotating And Removable Cap Opening
    Coating Type Paint Coating
    Body Material Stainless Steel
    Printing Method Ultraviolet (UV), Or Up To 3 Colours Of Roll-To-Roll Pad Printing Only
    Packaging Recyclable Paper Box
    Usage Instruction This Vacuum Flask Can Be Used To Store Liquids For Up To 12 Hours Long Of Warmth/Coldness
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