Multipurpose Bag Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia
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Basic Multipurpose Bag
Foldable Shopping Bag
Foldable Storage Box (Big)
Foldable Storage Box (Small)
Lin Multipurpose Bag
Oxford Cooler Bag
Pippes Multipurpose Bag
Poli Multipurpose Bag
Shapen Multipurpose Cooler / Warmer Bag
Stanno Multipurpose Bag

Multipurpose Bag Supplier & Wholesale Malaysia

As the name suggests, this Multipurpose Bag can be used during your gym time, travel, at home and more. It is made of lightweight material, a zipper for easy access and a handle to be carried around. We supply Basic Multipurpose Bag, Oxford Cooler Bag, Foldable Shopping Bag and etc. Though we highly recommend our customized silk screen logo multipurpose bag as it is the most on-demand item.